Saturday, April 17, 2010

Misa Final

Today we had the closing Eucharist of the IARCA Synod at la Catedral de San Lucas. We didn't have as many folks in the congregation as we had at the opening on Wednesday evening, since many people in the province were heading home.

El Primado Electo, Obispo Armando Guerra, was the preacher, and el Primado Martín Barahona was the celebrant. It was a nice service. Los IX Juegos Centroamericanos are also taking place in Panamá, and the new viaducto was blocked for some goofy race, but we all made it to the Cathedral in time.

I must say that I am surprised and disappointed that there is nothing about this on the Episcopal Blogosphere.

Tenemos fófos.

The Lovely Mona said, "Let me get a photo of your cope, Bishop!" Bishop Murray said, "My back?" Padre Mickey said, "Yeah, we have plenty photos of your front!"


Grandmère Mimi said...

Padre, which picture shows the new Primado?

Padre Mickey said...

The third photo from the bottom of the post, or the photo in the post below.

Leonardo Ricardo said...

Grandmere Mimi, I think Bishop Guerra is the caballero with the yellow/red vestments and glasses (although I haven´t seen him in person for probably more than 17 years and he looks quite different to me)...this is a great opportunity for Bishop Guerra, The The Church and the Country of Guatemala. Guatemala is wonderful, multi-cultural, spiritual, yet deeply in need of realistic/responsible HEALTHY religious leadership, to shine even brighter. Archbishop-elect Guerra will no doubt lead the healing, outreach, and stewardship at all levels of society both in Guatemala and by example throughout the Province. Progress is the key as the past is in shambles. Crime and murder have run rampant and understandable desperation of the vulnerable and poor of every ¨stripe¨ increases daily (remittances for the U.S.A., the number one domestic National income, are down 20%) violence. Violence against Women (often domestic and drunken), murder of busdrivers (and their adjudantes) via extortion, HIV-AIDS (amongst sex workers and amongst the lower income, less educated folk), bold robberies/muggings, kidnapping and extreme poverty (near and around the Cathedral of Santiago at la ¨terminal and in every other Zona in the City) and ruthless gangs running wild...vigilantes in the smaller Pueblos and up in Highlands round out the urgent need for HONESTY, serenity, generosity of spirit/otherwise and sanity to prevail. The National police are not fully equipped to handle so many multi-level confrontations.

Although there are many people at ALL levels of society who are LGBT people they are mostly very private about their intimacies and socializing. However, there is a huge LGBT Community and even a smallsized Gay Pride Parade too as well as HIV-SIDA support groups for LGBT people and all others.

Most of the NGO´s are suffering from large cutbacks in giving except the very most reliable and dependable/transparent ones like Caminos Seguro (Safe Passages, quite a fabulous out-from-under project for families and their children who live at the HUGE Guatemala City dump).

Yes, no doubt Bishop Guerra, the well-endowed Anglican Episcopal Church of Guatemala has been given a grand opportunity to guide Central America in through noble stewardship in the coming four years.

FELICIDADES to Bishop Guerra

I See You!

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