Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Tuesday Miss Bebé, The World's Most Beautiful Granchile™ Blogging


wendi said...

beautiful child, proud grandfather.
However, let's not be hasty, remembering that it is all incarnational, for you, there, yours is the best in the world. For me, here, Lily the grandchild uberalles (sp?) is top of the line.

Perhaps a truce.. we are all blessed beyond belief and reduced to being befuddled and in awe.

Great picture.

word verification orlses

Padre Mickey said...

But but but I have a Trade Mark ™ !

susan s. said...

But not one for UberAlles, Padre!

it's margaret said...

Oh my! --next thing ya know she's gonna be losing those teef and be all growed up...!!

Mark Harris said...

Hi Padre Mickey... the first comment, re Lily the UberAlles, is by Mark Harris, not some "wendi." I don't know why it got posted with that name, but I thought you ought to know where the competition rests.

Yours in grandfatherly befuddlement and awe.


Lindy said...

Well, that IS a beautiful grandchile...

Can't wait to read your Trinity Sunday sermon.

I See You!

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