Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Catching up With My Blogging

Hi kids. I realize it's been a bit quiet around here lately, other than me posting the occasional rackity-roll video or Story of a Most Holy Saint. We've been busy with the usual stuff and I really haven't had time to blog. I just don't have the heart to go on about the U.S. mid-term elections here (although I be stirrin' it up at Facebook).

A couple weeks ago I was reading Morning Prayer at Josh's Daily Office site when I wondered if there was a similar site en español. I did a quick search on the Google, like ya do, and didn't really find anything that was very complete. So, I've spent the past week working on this site: Oficio Diaria del Libro de Oración Común. Now you can read the Daily Offices en español con leciones y cánticos. I'm hoping to combine efforts with the Communications Office of the Diocese of Panamá to share the work, as it takes a bit of time, and, as Josh pointed out to me, I'm the Rector of a parish and have plenty on my plate. Check it out and let me know what you think. The OFFICIAL launch will be Advent.

I won't be posting much over the next few days (like you'll notice any difference!) as I shall be in Guatemala for the meeting of the IARCA-TEC Covenant Committee. I'll be hanging out with my colleague and blogging pal Caminante. We'll be taking photos, don't you worry! We're hoping to see the Incredible Leonardo Ricardo, pero depende on lotsa stuff.

It's the end of October, which means time changes and weather changes in los Estados Unidos, but here in Panamá it means a week of Patriotic Holidays! And, as always, the Marching Band of Instituto Episcopal San Cristóbal will be taking on all comers in every competition in the City!! And, as always, they're gonna win all the competitions, 'cuz they're the best dang marching band in Panamá. When the Lovely Mona and I arrived at the church this morning, the band was in the street practicing, so the Lovely Mona, Super Paparazzi, snapped this shots.

¡Hasta luego, everbuddy!


it's margaret said...

Have a wonderful time in Guatemala --eat some mole for me!!!!

Leonardo Ricardo said...

Hi Padre, I´ve already added your Spanish Morning Prayer to my sidebar...we´ve been getting you live daily for days! Thank you!

Travel safetly and get up here amongst us quickly...we need the likes of you and Caminante...we´re the type.

Abrazos a todo,


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