Monday, October 11, 2010

More A Cruel Hoax God In The Doorway

This is the opening cut on our cassette release A Cruel Hoax Now! Actually, we named every release A Cruel Hoax Now! because that's what it was. As always, the Lovely Mona took the photos. They were taken at a party at Uncle Kenny and Aunt Manny's house long ago, as one can see from that political sign in the background.


Matty Boy said...

I love this song. By the way, have you ever seen 24 Hour Party People? One of the characters has an expericence similar to Eddie's. It's a great scene and the music is pretty strong.

Padre Mickey said...

I have seen that film, Matty Boy, cuz you gave me a copy muchos años pasado. It's all about Joy Division and them guys, right?

Matty Boy said...

It's the Manchester music scene, baby!

WV: hemeneas

If it isn't a word in Spanish, it should be.

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