Saturday, October 02, 2010

Friday at IESC

Friday was the last day of folklorico week for the grade schoolers. I was lucky enough to be able to ditch my classes and attend the program. The kids were judged by 4 teachers on each performance. Though the singing was off at times, it was fun. First the Princesses came in; all 7 of them. They are so tiny! Of course, they are only 5th graders.

Our beautiful Princesses.

These two, and others are singing with just the ukulele-type instrument. This kind of singing from the Interior. It has its own rhythm and count. From what I understand, usually the singers make up words as they sing and have insulting contests with the other contestants. That's not what they did at IESC.

Now for some call and response groups. These groups were accompanied by heavy drumming only. The influence is obviously African and really cool when done well.

It's time for the dancers.

These groups sang songs accompanied by a small band with guitars, drums and an accordion. They usually sing about life, Panama, and clothes. That's right, I heard them singing about polleras which are the pretty dresses they wear.

What a week! Next week they have exams and I get the week off.

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Penelopepiscopal said...

Princesses, costumes and music, oh my! What a lovely week of beautiful doings. You're a lucky Padre, Padre.

wv: unism. What we are called not to practice.

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