Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Catching up With My Blogging

Hey Kids! We've had random internet access for the past few days so we're way behind posting photos. We had no access Sunday afternoon and evening, and Monday morning the Lovely Mona and I spent most of our morning standing in line at Migración. When we got home we had access for twenty minutes and then nothing for the rest of the day. Yesterday morning I was at the Cathedral for the Blessing of the Oils and then Clericus. When I got home we had access to the internet but it was so slow that I couldn't post. Then we spent the evening at the Best Seder in Panamá. So, I'm finally here at the office where things are running.
Here are photos of Palm Sunday, including our Altar Guild Bake Sale and plenty fish cek.

Liturgy of the Palms

Altar Guild Bake Sale!

Liturgia de las Palmas

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