Thursday, April 28, 2011

The Truth Must Be Stated, No Matter How Painful


Leonardo Ricardo said...

The rage-- it´s authentic, it´s unlike the teaparty/groveling/whining putrifying of America done by munipulated greedsters and scared to death blockheaded racist/sexist machismos-- this rage is well-earned, not rationalized. It´s the rage that many of us feel regarding the once again betrayl of common decency coupled with a slap in the face to common sense...common sense and decency tha so few of the SNIDE Republican Party politico criminals know/live.

These ¨birthers¨ and the arrogant likes of Donald Trump, Andy Card, George Bush, Karl Rove, Fox News (entirely) are prominent/deadly pimps sucking the very goodwill and loving spirit out of their fellow men and women...a whole NEW class of ¨LOW CLASS¨ has emerged-- the scum of the Western Hemisphere publicly expose themselves at last!

Grandmère Mimi said...

This is a good one, Padre. Thanks.

I See You!

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