Friday, May 08, 2009

Follies At C.D.S.P.

Last night the Lovely Mona and I attended Community Night at the Church Divinity School of the Pacific. We attended the Eucharist in All Saints Chapel (we called it the Church of the Inaccurate Construction when I attended) and saw some friends from the Old Days. After church we had dinner in the Refectory with the famous Kirstin and a member of last year's Panama Project, Vivian Lam. Revda Jan Wood joined us.

After dinner Follies began. I have always been a big Follies fan and did quite a bit of writing for the program Way Back When. It is a great way for seminarians to blow off steam without resorting to waterboarding or other torture tactics, unlike Rush Limbaugh's favorite Fraternity. They roasted honored The Great Louis Weil with a funny bit about pop-music. TGLW is retiring and will be missed. This leaves only a couple of faculty from the age of the dinosaurs the days when I was a seminarian at CDSP. Follies is always full of in-jokes and some skits are too long, but over-all it was a fun night. And now, I'm off for lunch with Matty Boy!

Some photos.

Offertory at last night's Eucharist

Kirsten meets The Gang

A kiss for Red Mr. Peanut Bank

Miss Thang! the Co-MC for Follies

Some guy with a guitar

The Thurible Drill Team (In my day Barrie Bates and Bill Dogget would have demanded that we use hot coals and incense!)

The Great Louis Weil receives the adoration of the crowd

A Skit About Cell-phones in Chapel (featuring the Fabulous Vivian Lam on the right)

People dancing about

Ice Cream Cake Dance Thang


Rev. Kurt said...

Oh the good ol' days...

When my computer died last year it took my skits with it...

The Book of Extremely Occasional Services was one skit I remember... I believe it was an acolyte's mass...

Марко Фризия said...

What pleases me most is that these good souls are, mostly, headed for ordination in our Church. We need more fun-loving, open-hearted folks. This post makes me feel optimistic about the future of the Church. Thanks for sharing this. God --I believe and hope-- laughs. We humans --made in God's image-- had to get the divine capacity for humor and laughter somewhere.

Paul said...

What, no live coals? What sort of auto-da-fe is this?

Thanks for the nostalgia tour. Glad the troupe is out and about.

Kirstin said...

[huge grin]

I See You!

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