Monday, May 04, 2009


I apologize for the lack of posts lately. We've kinda had internet access, but not with our own computer, and it's kinda difficult to do the kind of blogging for which I am guilty known on someone else's machine.

Yesterday at church Susan S. reminded me of the importance of keeping things current and how unfair it is to keep my "fans" (her term) hanging. Soooo, today, on my way to the Lovely GTU Library (where Padre will be spending lotsa time!), I stopped by theM.A.C. store on Shattuck and purchased a MAXPower Wireless USB thang (of course, the REAL Max Power is something else) so we is connecticated now! YAY! I also found Many Books for my Very Important super secret and mysterious Research n' stuff.

Ya know, in Panama, where a new President has been elected, we're on Eastern Standard Time all year around, and I must admit that I am having some difficulty adjusting to Pacific Daylight Savings Time, onnacounna it seems as if the day is half over by the time we get going here in Oakland. But I shall survive!

The Lovely Mona spends much of her time getting to know Miss Bebé, The World's Most Beautiful Granchile™. Here is a photo she took on Thursday.

So,let's see if we can get things back on schedule at this ding-dang Dance Party!


PseudoPiskie said...

Yea! You have been missed!

susan s. said...

Verrrry Gooood! See you tomorrah.

Paul said...

Crank up the music, vamos a bailar.

Grandmère Mimi said...

Miss Bébé's hair is still gorgeous. Miss Bébé is all around gorgeous. Lovely Mona, enjoy!

Matty Boy said...

Miss Bebé is definitely learning to strike the pose.

Supermodel of the World! Work it!

Saint Pat said...

Bella Bebé! Have a good visit in the ol' Estados Unidos!

I See You!

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