Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Muchas Flores

Yesterday the Lovely Mona and I had lunch with Susan S. at the Holy Land restaurant in Berkeley. The ladies had the falafel while I had the lamb and turkey schwarma sammich. It was all very good, as was our visit with Susan S. She had requested a mola picturing a gallito, and we delivered it. Here's a photo of Susie Sue with her mola.

We saw many pretty flowers during our pilgrimage to and from The Holy Land, and, since we had the camera with us, we took lotsa photos.

Una paragua de flores

Look at those pretty trees!

The pretty trees close-up

California poppy

Roses growing up a pine tree

Today the Lovely Mona is with Miss Bebé and her mom, Tara, while I continue my reading. I gots lotsa books to read for my project.


Leonardo Ricardo said...

California is bursting out all over in honor of your visito!


Good for you!

Grandmère Mimi said...

Hi Susan. Although I can't see your mola, I'm sure it's very nice. I'm glad you all enjoyed your lunch.

Beautiful flowers.

Padre Mickey said...

For some strange reason, I suspect you'll see her mola on Friday.

Grandmère Mimi said...

I can guess, but I don't want to spoil it for everyone else, so I'll zip the lip.

susan s. said...

Well, as long as you crop the picture so my face won't be there.

it's margaret said...

Beautiful pictures Padre (makes me homesick --Berkeley is my hometown).

Blessed reading.
study well.

Cany said...

That plant up against the trellis... anyone know what that IS? GORGEOUS!

Thanks for the great photos!

Whatcha reading?

Padre Mickey said...

I don't know what that plant on the trellis is called.
I'm preparing to write a book about missionaries and mission, so right now I'm reading about the missionary ventures of the primitive church.

motheramelia said...

Thank you for the photos Padre. Now I feel homesick. The daffodils are up though. Have fun with your research and say hi to those still left in the area.

Anonymous said...

Sigh. This California native is also enjoying the photos. I love where I live now but I miss spring in the East Bay (which begins, to my mind, in late January).

Paul the BB

susan s. said...

Ah, Paul, it didn't start that early this year!

Jane R said...

Ah, the flowers of the Bay Area! Susie Sue, great mola!


Word verification: nonstsha

Anonymous said...

It is also such a treat to see our Susie Sue (who probably is not in love with that nickname, but it's gonna stick).

Paul the BB

(I just remember magnolias in bloom and non-bearing plums erupting into cloud blossoms around the Conversion of St Paul, not that it's all about me, of course.)

susan s. said...


That is what MadPriest named me when I met him here at Padre Mickey's place. I recall we had a conversation about tea.

I feel really special when MP addresses me as susie sue.

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