Friday, May 08, 2009

Friday Random Top Ten Twelve

Ya pushes "shuffle" and ya takes yer chances. . .

1. The Modern World The Jam
2. My Wave Soundgarden
3. Up In The Sky The Social Club
4. Yeh Dil Deewana (From Pardes) Sonu Nigam, Hema Sardesai, Shankar Mahadevan
5. Boy With A Problem Elvis Costello and the Attractions
6. Particle Man They Might Be Giants
7. Do Right Woman, Do Right Man Willie Nelson
8. Lost In The Supermarket The Clash
9. The Crimes of Paris Elvis Costello and the Attractions
10. Quia Ergo Femina Mortem Instruxit (Hildegard von Bingen) Sequentia
11. John I Love You Sinead O'Connor
12. Stab Your Back The Damned

We're doing a Friday Random Top Twelve today to make up for the Fridays which were list-less (I mean "with out lists," not "languid or indifferent"). Off to a great start with the Jam and Soundgarden and Social Club. The Social Club were part of the Great San José Thang we did back in the 1980's. Too bad you can't hear this song onnacounna it's really good! That is not my favorite song from Pardes, but it'll do. I didn't even know I had any Willie Nelson on the iTunes and was shocked with that song came up; I blame Eric Jackson. And, like all Right Thinking Persons™, I prefer Aretha's version. Thank God the Damned appeared to redeem this list!

Waddaya listening to? Please post your lists in the Comments.

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Марко Фризия said...

Your music is cool, but that woman's argyle sox are culturally significant.

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