Friday, May 15, 2009

Friday Random Top Ten

Are these guys cool or what?

Ya pushes "shuffle" and ya takes yer chances. . .

1. Lean On Me Kirk Franklin and the Nu Nation Project (Featuring Mary J. Bilge, Bono, R. Kelly, and Crystal)
2. Blackout David Bowie
3. A Little Rain Tom Waits
4. Missa Aeterna Christi Munera Sanctus: Credo (Palestrina) Oxford Camerata, Summerly
5. O Cruor Sanguinis (Hildegard von Bingen) Sequentia
6. Throw Yo Hands Up Kirk Franklin and Toby Mac
7. Love Has Found A Way Spirit
8. When I Write The Book Nick Lowe
9. Climbing Up The Walls Radiohead
10. Escondite Inglés Shakira

Señor Shuffle was in a religious mood this morning; two Kirk Franklin pieces combined with some Palestrina and Hildegard von Bingen. Kirk has an All Star Cast on that first piece. I really like everything on this list and the number by Spirit was a big surprise; once again, I didn't know I had that on the iTunes and, once again, I blame Eric Jackson. When he comes for dinner on Thanksgiving he always brings lots of cds and loads them on the computer. It takes me days to go through what he's loaded but it's always worth it. Too bad there's no YouTube video for the song.

Waddaya listening to? Please post your lists in the comments, if you feel so inclined.


Fred Schwartz said...

1. Fade Away Buddy Holly
2. Fade Away The Rolling Stones
3. [Beck's]Bolero Jeff Beck (Jimmie Paige, Kieth Moon, John Bonham) this may be Beck's finest work.
4. Sledgehammer Peter Gabriel
5. Proud Mary Ike and Tina Turner
6. Season of the Witch (Super Session version)
7. As Time Goes By Rolling Stones
8. I Want To Hold Your had The Beatles
9. Feelin' Alright Traffic
10. I'd Love To Change the World Ten Years After

Hope this meets with someone's approval. The Buddy Holly tune and Beck's Bolero are two of the very finest recordings anywhere!

Jane R said...

I still gots no iPod but I have started playing around with Pandora and it's a bit of a shuffle, 'cause you ask for Eliades Ochoa and then besides him they give you other Cuban guys, and you ask for Gershwin and they throw in some Tchaikowsky, which I didn't ask for dammit, I want Gershwin, so I gave it a thumbs down and they took it away. It doesn't shuffle in quite the same crazy way, but a girl gets her free songs where she can get them. The Motown is pretty good. We'll see what the next few Pandora sessions bring. Warning: it's a time-sucker like Facebook, but you gets some music for your trouble and it keeps.

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