Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Tuesday Miss Bebé, The World's Most Beautiful Granchile™ Blogging

As you may know, Sunday was Mothers Day in the U.S.A., and Miss Bebé and her parents attended services at St. Mark's, Berkeley, with los abuelos. After church we went to lunch at Jupiter restaurant. They serve Big Honkin' Salads, which is what the Lovely Mona eats, so it was a great place for lunch.

Miss Bebé amused herself by coloring in her coloring book. She grabbed the lemon from my ice tea and tried to eat it, but found it less than pleasant and tossed it back in the glass. Water for me! She had what we called "chicken-on-a-stick" which was pretty much satay. She was more interested in the sticks than the chicken, but she ate some. I gave her my pickle. She took a taste and let loose with a big ol' razzberry! We are under the impression that she is not fond of bitter or sour tasting foods.


Daddy preparing to pick up Miss Bebé, but, really, doesn't it look like they're dancing?

A portrait of the Artist as a child


Hey, guess what? I saw
Padre Harry Allagree
at Chapel at C.D.S.P. today! We had a nice talk and hope to get together next week. I'm meetin' lotsa bloggahs!

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Muthah+ said...

Glad to hear you are getting some R&R Mick. Grandparent R&R isn't quite REST but....

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