Monday, June 28, 2010

Ayer En Parroquia San Pablo

Yesterday the Lovely Mona and I were at Parroquia San Pablo, helping celebrate their Patronal Festival, and the 43rd anniversary of the present building. The good folks at St. Paul's had called me just before I left for Bocas del Toro and reminded me that the service would be in Español. I misunderstood and thought that both services would be in Español, so I only brought along my sermon text en Español. Well, the first service is in English, ALWAYS in English, so I had to translate the sermon back into English while preaching, which was an interesting exercise!

After la Misa a las 9:00 am we all celebrated with a lunch of Arroz con pollo and macaroni salad. It was all very nice.


7:00 am English-language Eucharist
Padre preachin'

and presidin'

La Misa a las 9:00 am

Birthday blessings

And now. . . the Celebration!



Doorman-Priest said...

I just knew there'd be food. You folk know how to party.

Leonardo Ricardo said...

I know, I know and Macaroni salad is a festive Latin Americano Favorito...I never adjusted as a sidedish for Roast Turkey on Thanksgiving or Christmas yet, there it is! I think the plate looks very good with arroz con pollo...made me hungry. The Church is lovely!

Harry Allagree said...

Such lovely smiling faces, especially the young'uns! The arroz con pollo didn't look half bad either!

David |Dah • veed| said...

I never adjusted as a sidedish for Roast Turkey on Thanksgiving or Christmas yet

Come to México Leo where folks eat both Spaghetti Alfredo and mashed potatoes and gravy side by side together with turkey and carne asada in their Christmas meal.

Seeing all those pre-dished plates makes me think that folks in Panama are used to eating hot food room temp and cold food a bit warm, like here in México. I cannot help but wonder how many folks we actually make sick with our unsafe food habits.

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