Monday, June 07, 2010

Zipping About

Hey Kids! I realize that blogging has been rather sporadic of late, but, lemme tell ya, it's gonna be a lot worse for the next few weeks. The Panama Project 2010 participantes arrived on Saturday evening, and we started thing today. I'll be with the Panama Project all day tomorrow, and then I fly to El Salvador in the evening for a workshop put on by the Church Pension Fund. Friday we take a bus to Guatemala for the installation of el primado nuevo de IARCA, Reverendisimo Armando Guerra, and then I fly back to Panama Saturday evening. Wednesday the Panama Project heads for Bocas del Toro for their field work and Walter Smith and I will be keeping an eye on things. So, when I can, I'll check in, but it's gonna be a busy few weeks for Padre.


susan s. said...

Take us out at Warp 5, Mr. Crusher.
Aye, Captain.

Leonardo Ricardo said...

So, this means we will be seeing you in October (because I won´t be attending the gala enthronement in Zona 9)..YIKES, Lord have mercy on us all!

it's margaret said...

Travel safely Padre. We love you.

KJ said...

Well, at least we know how we rate.

Safe travels!

I See You!

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