Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Día de las Madres

Today is Mother's Day here in Panamá, but Parroquia San Cristóbal celebrated Mother's Day on Sunday. Well, we celebrated again today, but it was a much smaller celebration. But on Sunday we had a single, bilingual service which was followed by the Presentation by the Men's Fellowship. Every year the Men's Fellowship of San Cristóbal elect the Mother of the Year. Last year's Mother of the Year was Mrs. Teresa Brathwaite. This year's Mother of the Year is Directora Marcella Dickens, Director of Instituto Episcopal San Francisco de Asís, the newest school in the Diocese of Panamá. Mr. Reynaldo Olton served as Master of Ceremonies for the presentation, and Mr. Carl Scotland gave a short talk on the importance of mothers. Then Mrs. Brathwaite came forward and received a corsage and applause from the congregation. Mrs. Dickens was escorted by Mr. Keith Green and Mr. Fred Smith, where she received a corsage and then took her seat as Mother of the Year. She was given a plaque on behalf of the Men's Fellowship, and then received many tokens and gifts from family and friends. Engineer Peter Wright, our Youth Activities Coordinator, sang a song for the mothers, which was followed by all the men and boys of the parish singing "Faith of our Mothers." After the presentation, I gave the Benediction and the dismissal and we all adjourned to the Parish Hall for a fantastic Mother's Day breakfast served by the Men's Fellowship. A wonderful time was had by all, as you can see by in all these photos.

Mr. Olton

Mr. Scotland

Mrs. Brathwaite

Mrs. Dickens

Tulio takes a photo of his abuela

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