Monday, December 13, 2010

Flooding in Panamá

As you are aware if you read this post from Friday, we've had a lot of rain here in Panamá lately, much more than usual. That's how this Global Climate Change thang works; it doesn't just make big snow in the U.S.A., it makes lots of unseasonable weather and very severe weather all over the planet.

Saturday, the Lovely Mona and I were in Gamboa to take the service at St. Simon's and for dinner with our friends Bert, Dammond, Daisy, and Freya. We took the autopista and there were several slides being cleared.

The water level in the Canal was much higher than I've ever seen it! In fact, they had to actually close the Canal last week for only the third time in its history!

We crossed this bridge on Saturday as it's the only way in to Gamboa. Last week this happened!

We saw some of the branches still stuck in the side of the bridge as we drove across on Saturday.

My friend Janina Walters took these photos of Colón yesterday. On the right of the first photo you can see the spire of Christ Church-by-the-Sea. I nicked the photos from her FaceBook page.

We're supposed to be going in to our dry season, which is really more of a "quite-not-as-rainy" season, but one might wonder if summer will actually come this year.

Thanks, Industrial Nations, for the gift of Global Climate Change. Keep denying its existence, Right wingers!


Penelopepiscopal said...

Yikes. These are scary looking pictures. Thanks for calling it Climate Change. That whole "warming" stuff ended up being misunderstood.

Leonard said...

It FINALLY driet up here--we had so much rain that there was little produce in the mercado--what there is, well, it´s like double and triple and the less-fixed income folks are struggling. It´s hard to tell about the general economy here but I´ve had inside sources tell me it´s even worse than last year...20% worse, desperation and lots of ricos running around--sounds like a recipe for disaster--have to watch and see--I´m working with others and starting a Food Bank and launching it with a Boxing Day Party--sorry you´re not here Padre, it´s Asian Food and right up your Kimchi.


JCF said...

Prayers. (Sorry, World, for our Estados Unidos Wingnuts :-/)

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