Friday, December 24, 2010

Yesterday at Parroquia San Cristóbal

Yesterday we distributed the Love Baskets. Some folks participated in the carol-sing and treats. People came and collected their baskets and other members of the parish came and picked-up baskets to distribute. It takes quite a few people to help distribute 100 baskets but we did it!

¡Mucho pollo!

Some of the teachers from Instituto Episcopal San Cristóbal came and put-up the nacimiento in the Chapel. It doesn't take up most of the Chapel this time, but it is still very nice.

We're not going to have a Christmas Eve service this year as it is difficult for people who depend upon public transport to get home in the evening of Christmas Eve as all the buses and taxis stop running. Our alternative would be to hold the service at 3:00 pm or so but most people are still running about finishing up their Christmas preparations. We will have a Christmas morning service tomorrow at 9:00 am, and the Lovely Mona and I will be back to the church around 2:00 pm to help distribute Christmas gifts to the children of the neighborhood with our friend Elder Marcellino Marshall of the Berean Seventh Day Adventist Church. We'll post photos of that!

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