Friday, December 31, 2010

Friday Random Top Ten: Year End Edition

Ya pushes "shuffle" and ya takes yer chances. . .

1. Love At First Sight XTC
2. Riot Act Elvis Costello & the Attractions
3. Nothing New The Social Club
4. Praying Hands DEVO
5. Cemetery Polka Tom Waits
6. Jilted John Jilted John
7. Funny How Love Is Queen
8. Danny Boy The Chieftains & James Galway
9. The Space In Between How To Destroy Angels
10. Fire In San Miquelito Los Goom Boys

Man, I was getting worried that we'd have NOTHING from this century or the last decade, which, of course, is the same thing. Thank God for Trent Renzor and Crew! The Social Club were part of the First Strike Musicians' Guild in San José, CA back in the 1980's. We (A Cruel Hoax) did a compilation album with them and the Kingpins and Frontier Wives San Jose Is Ground Zero: We're Number One! which resulted in a bit of a scene. I co-produced (with the band) the Social Club album Flogging Peasants from which this cut is taken. John is now with the Maids Of Honor, so it's cool to see them come up on the LAST LIST OF THE YEAR! But no video. We end the year/decade with a Panamanian Calypso thang, so, way cool, except for the fact that there is no YouTube video available.

Waddaya listenin' to on the last day of the year?

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Matthew Hubbard said...

Put my seasonal party list up. Pretty good stuff if I say so myself.

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