Tuesday, June 05, 2007

I realise it’s been a while since I’ve posted anything at all on the Hogar. So here are some fotos I took last week.

This week I worked with Estefani and Sinilda. We practiced reading ma, me, mi, mo, mu, and pa, pe, pi, po, pu, and combination of these. They do a lot of guess work. Afterwards we played Go Fish with the alphabet cards. They are still struggling with most of the alphabet.

Foto 1: This is Estefani, Evelia, and Giselle. Evelia is studying Giselle's picture really hard. Yes, that's a leash Estefani is holding in her hands. She was taking care of Evelia that morning while I was there.

Foto 2: The girls playing a game with a calendar. I’m not sure how it goes.

Foto 3: Yeribeth and Sinilda looking at fotos of Anne. Yeri knew Anne when Anne used to go to the Hogar all the time to help Tía Sue.

Foto:4 Enibeth and Carla swinging.


Aghaveagh said...

God bless you for your work with these children!!

Tia Sue said...

Mona, Thanks for outting more fotos on. I have a digital camera and have to learn how to put them on the web. Tia Sue

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