Saturday, June 23, 2007

Yipee Ki Yay!

Who is this lil' buckeroo?

UPDATE Well, since yer all doing Summer time Saturday things or worse, and are too chicken to guess, Ima gonna tell you who it is. It is the Official Artist of the Dance Party, the one and only Leonardo Ricardo, as a darling little boy. With some horse who is probably in Horsey Heaven by now.

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Anonymous said...

I was gonna guess but I knew it was me and that's the kinda cheat'n thing I avoid doing since I've become fullsized...I thrilled to be your "office Artist" at "Padre Mickeys Dance Party"...and soon I will show you some really colorful stuff (not my personal life which includes a guapo person of Maya decent who simultanteously gives kindness and no-nonsense new meaning)...I happen to know the horsey upstaging me in the photo *is* in horse heaven...he was one of several with the same uncle BIG Ricardo always named his favorite animals the same name...there was always "Butch" the Black Labador no matter what decade one visited and all the Butches were exactly the same and disciplined and loveable as were all the horses named Dynamite.

Leonardo Ricardo Clark Beardsley Boyer Russell Asensio de Castillo Fuentes

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