Tuesday, June 19, 2007

A Warning

To the sex-and-disease obsessed commenter from White Plains, New York: It's time to stop. I know your IP address, I know your domain, and I will pass the information on to all the other Episcopal/Anglican bloggers. Don't come here anymore. You are guilty of the worst sin that can be committed in the Comments of Padre Mickey's Dance Party: Your comments are incredibly boring. Stupefying, actually. I can't afford to have people slipping into comas reading your long, boring, poorly-written comments. Most crazy people are at least entertaining, but you, like so many on your side of the issue, are simply self-rightous and dull. If photos of inanimate objects dressed with mitres causes you so much pain that you must post long comments which have nothing to do at all with what is going on here, it may be better for your heart to simply stay away. Be brave! Be strong! Stay away from here! You can do it! Because, if you don't, the friendly folks at Optimum Online (Cablevision Systems) may want to have a talk with you. Love in Christ, El Padre.


MikeF said...

You tell 'em, Padre! Whew! Or, as Gallito Mescalito would no doubt say, "SHREEEEK! SHREEEEEEEEEEEEEK!!!"

toujoursdan said...

C'mon Padre. Every village needs an idiot!


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