Friday, June 15, 2007

Monday at the Hogar

I never know what I’m going to do when I get to the Hogar. It changes every week. This week Johana was hoping to work with me. She really wanted to read my books. I suggested we work on math first, so I made up multiplication problems for her. She does pretty well. Johana is really bright and an good worker. She took some books to read after she got all the problems correct.

María Isable and Estefani love looking at the books I bring. They love the pictures. They don’t have reading skills yet, so I read Peter Pan to them. We then played Pesca, which they love. That brought more kids to my table. After a couple of games they were called to a meeting. Tía Sue showed up and we had a wonderful talk. I hadn’t seen her since her return from the States. Be sure to check her blog to get other details of the girls. You can read more about Evelia, Carla and Estefani.

I didn’t get a foto of Johana this time. Maybe next time I’m there. I have next week off because they are off to visit their families for Father’s Day.

Foto 1 : This first picture is of Estefani and María Isabel. They like to look at the pictures. Estefani left half way through the story, so I had Maria Isabel look for combinations such as la, le, li, lo, and lu within the words. I also pointed to each word I’m reading. She enjoyed this game and did really well with it.

Foto : Here’s Estefani, Sinilda and María Isabel playing Pesca. They love this game. I’m now having them tell me what the picture on the card is as well as what letter the card has. This was a terrific suggestion by Tía Sue.

Foto : The girls at the meeting. I think that’s Rosa Mari walking to her seat.

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