Friday, September 14, 2007

Friday Random Ten (And A Record Review, Kinda)

1. You're Wondering Now The Specials
2. Bitters End Roxy Music
3. Burn, Baby, Burn The Residents
4. Outside David Bowie
5. Banana Fish Shonen Knife
6. The Smartest Monkeys XTC
7. Black Market Baby Tom Waits
8. Lookin' Out For Me Kirk Franklin
9. Bodies Sex Pistols
10. Innocent When You Dream (78) Tom Waits

I was starting to wonder what was happening, as the first two songs are the final cuts on their respective albums, but the Residents showed up with their pop song about the terrible story in Judges 11:21-40, the story of Jephtah's vow and its consequences for his daughter. I would be very impressed with the shuffle if it had played #9 right after #3! And actually, I was glad that Innocent When You Dream appeared right after Bodies. Well, ya hits the shuffle and ya takes yer chances.

The album Wormwood: Curious Stories From The Bible is a really interesting record, although they tend to concentrate on what Phyllis Trible calls Texts Of Terror. Like most recordings by the Residents, it's not for the faint of heart, although Burn, Baby, Burn was the single (I'm sure it got lot's of airplay!!) and is, for the Residents, melodic. It's just that the subject matter is upsetting. But I likes them and I likes this album, and it you're brave, go find a copy at the used cd shop (I doubt that there are any new copies about, but OCICBW).

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Caminante said...

One of my housemates 22 years ago used to listen to the Residents. She was from San Francisco, if I remember, so I also thought it was some Californian weirdness.

I am always amazed at how little I recognise from your shuffles!

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