Saturday, September 01, 2007

Miss Evie Trapped In The God-forsaken Past!!

Photos by Christopher Mobley

You know how young parents leave stuff laying around the house? Well, it seems that the parents of Miss Evie, the Darling Granchile, left a time machine around the house and our sweet Miss Bebé ended up in the disease-ridden sixteenth century or there abouts.
How'd I get here? And who the heck is THAT kid?

Okay, I must make a confession. It wasn't really a time machine. My daughter and her husband made a certain "life-style choice" which I would never have made for them; but we love them and support them and don't condemn them. Yes, Tara and Chris are "Huzzah People." They are members of some strange guild and are participants in "Renaissance Fairs" (The Lovely Mona's brother, Uncle Paul hangs out at these things, too). I've only been to one Renaissance Fair, and it made me crazy that so many eras were all mixed up; it offends my sense as a historian. However, I believe that Ren Fairs are better than those Star Trek and Ex-Files conventions that Tara used to frequent. Here are photos of my granddaughter's visit to the disease-ridden, filthy, "thee and thou"-speaking past.

Evie eats a peach

What's for dinner?

Evie with her mom, Tara, who has been well-educated in the history of Rock Music.

Evie with a drum. Now, I like drummers; I know lots of drummers; some of my best friends are drummers, but I wouldn't want my granddaughter to BE one! Tara and Chris better nip this in the bud!

It looks like the baby has got into the mead

Oh yeah, that's the mead, alright!

The mead takes it's toll. Either that or the carrot did her in; you know how those narcotic raw vegetables can be!


Saint Pat said...

She is way too cute. I am so jealous -- how I would love to have a little grand-bebé! I would keep her dressed up in play-pretty clothes all the time.

Tara Mobley said...

Don't worry about the drum thing. She's also interested in pianos and guitars. I'm channeling her desire to whack things with a stick to make a sound into a xylophone.

As to the mixing up of all that history stuff, on the inside of the whole "huzzah" thing you start to realize that most people don't want a history lesson. They want some Disney version of Tudor England, not accuracy. They want to watch jousts and eat big turkey legs, not learn about the politics and Religious aspects of Lady Jane Grey being placed on the throne after Edward's death and Mary's claiming of the throne. (Which, by the way, is the year's worth of history we try to compress into a single day at the fair those pictures were taken at.) It's a weird balancing act between History and entertainment that is always tipped towards entertainment.

FranIAm said...

I am ever delighted to see any photos of this gorgeous child.

johnieb said...

Don't worry about the drums, fer sure, only watch out if she shows an interest in the bass; that would be truly horrible.

Luiz Coelho said...

OK, where did you get her? Are there more Evies on sale?

eileen said...

Awwwww! So cute.

I love medieval fairs.

And mead.

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