Monday, October 05, 2009

Ayer en Parroquia San Cristóbal

Yesterday afternoon the Youth Group of San Cristóbal, Luz de Mañana, held a music program to celebrate the birthday of their group. It wasn't as well attended as we had hoped; there was a very hard rain in the afternoon and the streets were flooded, but everyone who attended had a great time.

The Youth of our parish are very talented. They sang, they danced, they performed a skit, and the President of Luz de Mañana, Peter Wright, gave a reflection. The Men's Extravaganza Choir, The Christian Brothers, and a dance group from Iglesia de Cristo were guest performers.

El Gran Trio de San Cristóbal was the house band. We also had several sing-a-longs. We were honored to have our Bishop, Rt. Rev. Julio Murray, with us, too.

As is required at all events en la Iglesia Episcopal de Panamá, a tombola (raffle) was held for a copy of a book on St. Paul's leadership methods. The winner was Tania Cole of San Cristóbal. And, another important San Cristóbal tradition: after the program we served empanadas and cake!


The dancers prepare backstage

At the door

Nelson Ryk Edwards served as Master of Ceremonies

Padre Mickey gives the invocación

El Coro de Jovenes de San Cristóbal, Profesora the Lovely Mona, Director

Our singing Bishop and son

Ricky Staple on the drums

Da Riddim Section


Men's Extravaganza Choir, Profesór Bernardo Murray, Director

Bernie directing

The Skit: Jonathan Biscomb, Hoodlum

Ray, Keisha, Marlene, y Jonathan en el drama

Everybody Singin'!

The Christian Brothers (the singing Christians Brothers, not the wine-making Christian Brothers)

Dancers from Iglesia de Cristo

Coro de los Hombres de San Cristóbal

Tania wins the tombola

Bishop Murray


David |Dah • veed| said...

Your bishop has way too much fun; singing, clapping and tambourine playing and all.

Mary and Megan said...

Gosh Padre is that much fun allowed in the church? And how is it that the Bishops from Panama are always so handsome? I remember Bishop Shirley used to be confused for Joe Lewis. I don't go to church but if I lived in Panama I think I would be tempted to go to San Cristobal! Good Job Padre. and I love the dresses of the Dancers!

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