Friday, October 16, 2009

A Word From The Management

Friday Red Mr. Peanut Bank and Gallito Mescalito Blogging will not appear this evening as I need some materials for props and I won't be able to get them until tomorrow. So, tomorrow we will have Saturday Red Mr. Peanut Bank and Gallito Mescalito Blogging. In the mean time, enjoy the YouTube video mocking the Republican Party, posted below. Thank you and Good Night.


Fran said...

I am rather enjoying the flashing Saturday. You are so cool!

BTW, my word is MATHE and I just came here from Matty's... a connection perhaps? Yes, I know it is a stretch.

Grandmère Mimi said...

I was about to say, "Awwww!", but if I only have to wait until tomorrow, I think I can make it.

Leonardo Ricardo said...

Grandmère Mimi ought provide refreshments for tomorrow nights production...she´s been busy making ¨food conversation¨ elsewhere and those of us in Central America ought receive at least a box of Southernbaked cookies or some nice rich Americano type fudge (what else do you have down there by Jackson Square?).

Grandmère Mimi said...


Caminante said...

Where are the Vermontuhs, Mighty Moose and el Penguino?

Leonardo Ricardo said...

Pralines will be fine...thank you very much but put them on hold until Sunday. I´m still thinking oysters on the half shell...I´ve never known if it´s the oysters or the redsauce I like...anyway, Pralines will change the subject nicely.

Mil Gracias Grandmère Mimi

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