Thursday, October 15, 2009

Indigenous Resistance Day

Photo by Eric Jackson, The Panama News

Monday was the Feast of Wilifred, Archbishop of York for some, Columbus Day for others, Indigenous People's Day in Berkeley, and Indigenous Resistance Day for Indigenous peoples throughout the Americas. Eric Jackson, Editor of the The Panama News and member of my extended family, has posted an article about the manifestación that the Indigenous Peoples of Panamá (Ngobe-Bugle, the Kuna, the Naso, and the Bribri) held on Monday. It's a great article with lots of photos. Padre says, "Check it out!"


Anonymous said...

By the term "Indigenous People", I assume you are referring to the equivalent of the "American Indians".

In other words, people of simple & mostly Earthly
Spiritual cultures who preceded European settlers who
encroached upon their home land and displaced them.

Oddly, there are Spiritual Cultures (Primitive) and
Technological Cultures (Advanced). Spiritual Cultures
would likely never have advanced without intervention
(however militarily) of Technological Cultures.

Yet, today, the clear dissolution of civilisation by
virtue of Technological Cultures has caused a
harking back to the days of the values of Spiritual

Karma LIVES. . .however discreetly, however paced.

Peace and Happiness,
Atkin's tv and Jack-in-the-Box 434

Padre Mickey said...

Atkin's TV and Jack-in-the-Box 434, are you Kevin from my past?

Anonymous said...

Think harder. . .and shorter.

Padre Mickey said...

I hates playing "guess who?"
Please email me at

brian said...

What are you suggesting: that Columbus Day is a day set aside to pander to ethnics (in this case, Italian-americans)that somehow snuck in during the late 60s-too early for Indigenous sensitivity but just in time for Ethnic pride?

Padre Mickey said...

No, I think that's your inference, Brian.

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