Wednesday, May 14, 2008

I Loves Me Some Documentaries!

When the Lovely Mona and I lived in Berkeley, CA (our last home en los Estados Unidos de America) we found a wonderful video rental shop, Movie Image. We didn't go to Blockbuster™ very often, only to rent The Latest Thing. Our favorite place was Movie Image, a store which catalogued most videos by Director (come on, does your local Blockbuster or Video Ave have a Satyajit Ray or Psychotronic film section? I Think Not!). Plus, it was right next to Sun Hong Kong, my favorite Chinese Restaurant (did I tell you my mother was born in Kowloon? Hong Style is my favorite!!!), so we could pick up cool films and some Baked Squid in Spicy Salt and Pepper, plus a seafood chowmein with perfect, Hong Kong style vermicelli (Unfortunately, they've moved to Oakland somewhere, probably around the corner from Matty Boy's Swank Bachelor Pad). Well, boys and girls, let me tell you, ¡¡THERE IS NO SUPER COOL VIDEO STORE LIKE MOVIE IMAGE IN PANAMÁ!! We've been forced to use Blockbuster™, and it has been a bit depressing at times, especially when we read about documentaries which will never, never, NEVER BE SHOWN IN PANAMÁ!! Hell, we had to ask someone to buy a copy of Fahrenheit 9/11 in New York City during a visit and they returned with a pirated copy; at least no one stands up or coughs during it!! So, the Lovely Mona and I were very happy to discover this website, Films For Action, where we can see films like Sicko and Super Size Me!, films which Simply Won't Show Up at the Blockbuster™ in Chanis (or anywhere else in Panamá, for that matter!)!
We highly recommends dis heah website.


Anonymous said...

Your Mom was born in Kowloon? I love Kowloon (or did when I was a regular there)...what a nifty Mom you must have...does she speak Cantoneese?

Makes me think of all those shopping adventures at the Chineese Department Store (the one by the Star Ferry and I've still got a stack of colorful porceline garden plates with gold trim) or buffet lunches at the Pennisula hotel (mezz) or all those beaded bags, belts and slg's I designed...or silk dresses, Egyptian cotton custom shirts (with tone-on-tone white initials on below pocket, por favor) and bright red lips yapping about Rolex watches or dumplings off carts pushed by ladies in splitskirt dresses or Baked Alaska at my alltime favorito dinner place...never would I think of Squid...your Squid memory reminded me of ++Katharine Jefferts-Schori and Edmond Brown the younger...I wonder if they are friends? Somehow seems right in this little circle of things.

Pok Fu Lam Gutteriez-Pike

Jane R said...

I LOVE Movie Image! {snif}

Thanks for the website reference.

Buttermouth said...

You can also try for documentaries.

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