Friday, May 23, 2008

Tonight, On A Very, er, UNUSUAL Red Mr. Peanut Bank and Gallito Mescalito Blogging

An Evening With Søren Kierkegaard
Someone, whose name I won't mention, but his initials are Padre Mickey, decides to delve into his Scandinavian roots
Dedicated to my fellow Scandahoovians Paul, Søren, and the late Ingmar Bergman, my buddys Bert and Don who are huge Kierkegaard fans, and to Nancy Compier, who thought Kierkegaard looked like Elvis (the fat, dead, Elvis, not the One True Living Elvis!).

To believe is not an indifferent relation to something that is true. It is an infinitely decisive relationship. The accent always falls upon the relationship.

Itsa great queshun wedda dose what God can't make mad have evah really existed fa God.

Our age is without passion. Everyone knows a great deal, we all know which way we ought to go and all the different ways we can go, but nobody is really willing to move.

The truth is incessantly subject to fraud, particularly on the part of those closest to it. Since truth is never decided by the "what" but by the "how," it is clear that we will always have false editions of the same truth.


The passion of faith lies not in testifying to an eternal happiness but in transforming one´s own existence into a testimony to it.

Seeking the truth means that the seeker himself is changed, so that he may become the place where the object of his search can be.

It is much easier to suffer on account of one´s sin than to suffer because one relates himself to God.

¡El Penguino! If a person does not become what he understands, then he does not understand it, either.
Mighty Moose of Vermont A speculative thinker has finished on paper and mistakes this for existence.
Mr. Chompy's Chewed-up Squeaky Kitty Toy In da woild a spirit, ta change place is ta be changed yerself.

Adversities do not make a person weak, they reveal what strength he has. What was that noise? Is that dog around here?

Miss Egyptian Hippo of Love It is a proud thing to dive into danger, and it is a proud thing to battle with untold horrors, but it is also wretched to have an abundance of intentions and a poverty of action, to be rich in truths and poor in virtues.
Gallito Mescalito ¡¡SSHRRIIIEEEEKK!!
Mr. Chompy's Chewed-up Squeaky Kitty Toy Dat's not right, boid! When da heck did Koikagahd evah say dat?

Mighty Moose of Vermont My antlers are huge!
¡El Penguino! Hey! You're not quoting Kierkegaard, either! You're messing up this weirdo presentation. What's wrong with you?

Señorita Chompita Wiggletail, the Cutest Dog in All the Americas™ The question is never one of understanding, comprehending; it is a matter of doing what one understands, and the thing that a person actually ought to do is always easy to understand.
Bunrab, the Filthiest Toy in the House Hey! The use of force is in league with injustice. Perpetuating injustice and in hasty impatience to want to protect oneself through force against injustice are essentially the same thing. Stay away from me! AT BEST there is an entirely accidental difference - the suffering party ONLY LACKS AN OPPORTUNITY TO COMMIT INJUSTICE!!! NO!! DON'T GRAB ME!!!

Señorita Chompita Wiggletail, the Cutest Dog in All the Americas™ Grrrr!! how strange that the most coveted good in the world is independence, yet almost no one covets the only way that truly leads to it: SUFFERING!
Bunrab, the Filthiest Toy in the House AAAAARRRRRGGGGGHHHHH!!! At the hour of death there is only this one consolation, that one has not avoided opposition, ouch! BUT HAS GONE THROUGH IT AND PERSEVERED!!! OWWW!!!
Señorita Chompita Wiggletail, the Cutest Dog in All the Americas™ if a doggy toy is actually to be an instrument of God´s will (and what are the chances of that?), then God must first of all take his will from him. A fearful operation!!!

Everybody, in one voice Authentic religion has to do with passion, with having passion. Sadly, there are thousands who take a little something out of religion, and then dispassionately"have religion." Oh, and Longing is the umbilical cord of the higher life!


FranIAm said...

Words fail me.

I have been reading these for about a year now.

This week's has no equal.

Holy crap Padre. Holy crap.

Anonymous said...

That was a deeper...really, darn over-my-head deep...deeper than the darkest ocean and/or throat...deeper than Lake Atitlan and the Sea/See of Cortez stood end-on-end...deeper than the Archbishop of Canterbury, and equally as hairy...hairier than a peach eating hippie and more dense than the steamy rain forest on a groggy Sunday afternoon...whew, boy that was thick, but, itch, ich some would say but, I think it only reveals the exact nature of the shallowness of my depth (again/darn).

I better take my vitimina and hit the sack...I'm fading fasto, what about a transfusion?

Who was that? Why am I here?

Alfredo St.John-Barrium Zeflits Bruser

Ann said...

I am sending a link to all 4th year EFM students. Maybe then they will learn Kierkegaard.

PseudoPiskie said...

Loved Kierkegaard in college. Still do. Perhaps because of his human traits as much as his philosophy. 8>)

Aghaveagh said...

Wow, Bunrab sure gets the Fear and Trembling part right!!!

Glad to finally have a good enough connection in Vietnam to read my favorite Friday night distraction, even if it is already Saturday morning here.

Matty Boy said...

While Padre Mickey says this has something to do with the Scandihoovian blood which courses through his veins, I wouldn't be surprised if a shuffle of the Oblique Strategies deck didn't have some influence here as well.

Padre Mickey said...

Oblique Strategies! Crap! I forgot all about those, and they're right up there on the top shelf where Red Mr. Peanut Bank and Gallito Mescalito live between photo shoots. Thanks, Matty Boy; I think I'll be using those next week!

Paul said...

Passion! Yes, yes, yes!

I have a hankering to teach a one-week intersession course on doing theology with passion. Maybe some day.

Doorman-Priest said...

Just Fab I love Kierkegaard - the miserable Git!

Lindy said...

Brilliant! truly.

Grandmère Mimi said...

Padre Mickey, one day you will be famous for your wit and wisdom. Of course, all of us here think you're the best, but one day the whole world will know.

pj said...

Someone needs to intervene on behalf of Bunrab. That is all.

Kirkepiscatoid said...

Hey, I think I finally understand Kierkegaard now! But it looks like the Mighty Moose of Vermont couldn't hold his focus...

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