Thursday, May 22, 2008

The Tragedy In China

The TEC Missionary in China, the Rev. Elyn MacInnis, has a blog up with information on the recent earthquake. She writes: On that blog is a list of the churches and pastors in the earth quake towns, and the things they would like people to pray for.  I will be putting further photos of Chinese churches and the people there.  (In other words, it is not just a recap of news reports.)  I am also thinking of going myself - they have an extreme need for counselors and psychologists.  Could I ask you to pass along the names of the pastors and the churches and their prayer requests to whoever you think would pray for them?


Padre says, "go to Elyn's Journal to learn about the needs of the community and then start praying and doing what needs to be done!" Waddaya lookin' at? Go do it. NOW!!!


FranIAm said...

Oh my - just saw this site and bookmarked from Caminante's....

Ann said...

HereM| is a blog of a Norwegian friend who is in Chengdu - near the earthquake - she is there teaching this year.

Ann said...

hmm -- not sure where that extra M| comes from

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