Friday, May 09, 2008

We're Back!

We're back and we had a wonderful time, except for THE INCIDENT!

The last photos we took were of Señorita Chompita Wiggletail's visit to the beach. She loves to run on the beach and attack the waves. She barks at them and then tries to bite them, ingesting lots of yummy salt water, which works its way through her system on the way home. She also makes some very strange sounds at the beach, sounds I've never heard her make at any other time.

So here are the photos of Chompy and the Lovely Mona frolicking about, without a care in the world, with no idea that very early the next morning Stealie-Boys* would break in and take stuff WHILE CHOMPITA, THE WORLD'S WORST WATCH DOG slept through the whole thing.

The beach

The Pacific Ocean

The Lovely Mona and Chompita frolicking


Attacking the water

Señorita Chompita Wiggletail Contemplates The Immensity Of The Ocean in All Its Wonder, either that or she's waiting for a wave

*Stealie-Boys was the term used for thieves when I was a boy on Okinawa, and is still my favorite.

I made film of these two frolicking, but Blogger is terrible today and I can't seem to up-load the film. I'll try again later today.


David |däˈvēd| said...

¡Bienvenidos a casa!

Sorry to hear of the robbery.

FranIAm said...

Great woman, great dog, great beach. Not seen by human eyes, but great padre on the other side of the camera.

Stealie-boys - not great but dat word, i luvs it! Srsly!

Welcome home. Sorry for your trouble but glad that you made the most of it.

Matty Boy said...

The thoughts of Miss Chompita in the last picture.




Smells funny.

No... smells gud.


John said...

Hola and welcome back!!

I See You!

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