Sunday, May 11, 2008

Pentecostes en Parroquia Episcopal San Cristóbal

It's Pentecost, and lots of people wore red today. Here are some photos of folks from the 7:30 service at Coffee Hour.

Nice red dresses and hat

Ricky Staple and Olga Morris

Ricky Staple and Martha Olton

Ladies talking

Ernestine Jackman

Padre Cáceres and I baptized five children this morning at the 10:30 am Misa. Here are some photos of the baptism.

Kirsten makes a face

Look at the crowd of parents and God-parents!

Kirsten being baptized

Antonio being baptized

Luther being baptized

Nishelle being baptized (I guess we missed Robert!)

Happy Mother's Day to all the mothers in the U.S.A. Mother's Day in Panamá is in December, but the mothers of St. Christopher's get mad if I don't wish them "Happy Mother's Day" on U.S. Mother's Day, too. They want TWO Mother's Days!

We have a big program at the parish this afternoon, and we'll be posting photos (probably tomorrow) of the Great Event.


Anonymous said...

HAPPY MOTHERS DAY, HAPPY MOTHERS DAY...HAPPY BAPTISMAL CELEBRATIONS/FIESTAS...HAPPY RED DRESSES AND ESPECIALL A HAPPY TO SEE YOU BACK PADRE (you mean you didn't shave so you could tan your face?)...somethings, I guess I'll never understand about straight people.

Arq. Valperinous Roggenthorp-Knight-Ritter-Manolo

Jane R said...

Another party?! Will you never learn? Oh, this boring life you lead. (Hope you are rested and ready to resume the intensive celebration rhythm at La Parroquia!)

Lindy said...

How nice to see so many people decked out in their red outfits. Smashing!

Happy Pentecost Padre Micky.

I See You!

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