Friday, November 09, 2007

Friday Red Mr. Peanut and Gallito Mescalito Blogging

Tonight’s episode appears with the kind cooperation of Ms. Stephenie, member of our extended family. However, I am not familiar with her computer, and do not know how to switch to a Spanish Language Keyboard, so there will be no Spanish punctuation in this evening’s episode. The management of Padre Mickey’s Dance Party apologise for the inconvenience, especially to Mr. D.A.A. of Mexico. Also, we apologise for the html code appearing in some places; I gots no idea how to use non-macintosh 'puters.

Red Mr. Peanut Bank Well, Gallito Mescalito, our plan to hide in Padre’s maleta worked! Here we are in San Jose, California! We lived her for many years before that move to Panama, but this certainly isn’t our old house!
Gallito Mescalito Shriek!!
Red Mr. Peanut Bank I agree. We’ll get out of this maleta and look around.

Red Mr. Peanut Bank Hello, boys!
Cartman What the h***? Who the ***k are you, you big stupid red thing?
Kyle Shut up, Cartman! He’s a peanut!
Gallito Mescalito Shriek!!
Kenny Mmmmpha ummph mumpha
Kyle You’re right, Kenny; the bird is kinda scary!
Red Mr. Peanut Bank You certainly are a rude bunch of young men! Come, Gallito Mescalito, let’s leave them be!
Cartman Yeah! Get lost, you *#@$ weirdo #*@% toys! We don’t want you around here anyway!
Kyle Look out! They’re gonna kill Kenny, the bastards!
Red Mr. Peanut Bank Sigh

Red Mr. Peanut Bank Hello, who are you?
Gallo de Amor I am the Gallo de Amor, the prettiest rooster you’ll ever see! And who are you two?
Red Mr. Peanut Bank I’m Red Mr. Peanut Bank and this is Gallito Mescalito. We’ve come all the way from Panama!
Gallo de Amor Panama! Are there pretty roosters like me there?
Red Mr. Peanut Bank Well, I think Gallito Mescalito is VERY pretty!
Gallo de Amor He’s not as pretty as me! I’m the prettiest rooster you’ll ever see! But he does remind me of someone.

Gallo de Amor Yes. You look very familiar, but not as pretty as I.
Gallito Mescalito Shriek?
Gallo de Amor Yes. Not pretty enough. I think I will go get this guy.

Gallo de Amor I’m off to get him. You wait here!
Gallito Mescalito Shriek?
Red Mr. Peanut Bank Oh, don’t you worry. You are the prettiest and smartest Gallito in all of Panama, and you’ll give them all a run for their money here, too!

Gallito Mescalito SHHRRRIIIIEEEEKKK!!!
Gallito Mescalito Shriek? Shriek!
Mescaline Rooster Argh? Argh!
Gallito Mescalito Shriek!
Mescaline Rooster Argh!

Gallo and peanut
Red Mr. Peanut Bank Will you look at that! They’re twins!
Gallo de Amor His name is Mescaline Rooster. All he ever says is “argh!”
Red Mr. Peanut Bank Well, all Gallito Mescalito says is “Shriek,” but it’s the WAY he says it that counts!
Gallito Mescalito Shriek!
Mescaline Rooster Argh!
Gallo de Amor What are they saying?
Red Mr. Peanut Bank I have no idea what Mescaline Rooster said, but Gallito Mescalito said that they are cousins. Identical cousins!

music plays (and I think that Estadounidense of a Certain Age will know the tune:

Gallito has been most every where,
From Panama, to St. James’ Square

But Mescaline’s only seen the sights
A bird can see from SJ heights,
What a crazy pair!

But they’re cousins,
Identical cousins, and you’ll find,
They walk alike, they shriek alike
At times they even argh alike,
You will lose your mind,
When cousins, are birds of a kind!

Yella Teefs Hey, what’s wif all da noiz?
Gallito MescalitoSHRIEK!
Mescaline RoosterARGH!
Gallo de Amor Oh my!
Red Mr. Peanut Bank Heavens! Look at those teeth!!
Gallo de Amor Not pretty! Not pretty at all!!

Yella Teefs Waddaya mean? I’m the prettiest rooster with the prettiest teefs you’ll evah see!
Red Mr. Peanut Bank, off camera What a terrible ending!


FranIAm said...

Oh my - it is pandemonium!

I am with you, once you go mac, you never go back.

Caminante said...

Never did PC, never will.

I love the gallo de amor -- my sister had one that someone brought back from Portugal.

But even more amazing, there are twins of Senor Shrieeek and Argh. Wow, what a combo.

What I really want to know is what did la duana think when they saw these characters hopping around in your maleta?

Aghaveagh said...

So, any chance you'll find yourself near Fresno on this trip?? If so, let me now! We'd love to see you at morning prayer at Holy Family!

PseudoPiskie said...

Never had anything but Mac. Have to help friends with the dark side occasionally so have passing acquaintance with those. Waaaaaa too complicated.

Love the cousins. Am curious to see the episode where the travellers tell the folks at home about their adventures. Especially meeting Gibita Me.

susan s. said...

So Padre, I see you are reading Tony Hillerman...which one? M husband Tom (the practicing agnostic) just picked up his autobiography "Seldom Disappointed." He loves Hillerman, especially since he(Tom) has gone to the Indian country.

Padre Mickey said...

Aghaveagh, I was only in Fresno for about hours, visiting Mona's folks.
I had a great time at the Bishop's ordination/consecration or whatever.

I'll post stuff when I get home and can use a mac.

Grandmère Mimi said...

Gallo de Amor is an exciting new character. I hope he'll be traveling back to Panama with you.

Anonymous said...

Gallo de Amor
Gallito Mescalito Shriek
Red Mr. Peanut Bank

I can see the New Season is unfolding before our very beaks...I'd love to see a all-Gallo cast (except for the ever-popular/always wonderous Red Mr. Peanut Bank)!

Maybe The Red Mr. Peanut Bank REVIEW and Beauty Pagent?

The Mr. Peanut Bank Sensations and Degridations of 2008!

Glad you met the ++ and can't wait to see the photo-ops of the consecration and more Episcoscope type NEWS...funny, I'll be viewing them from where you are by the time you get back to where I's confusing being a human being...will we ever stay "put?"

Happy landing!

Eggleburt Lupe Hemmingway Lopez Gomez Smythers

John said...

The powers that be who control blogs in the great beyond seem to think that my name and password are wrong. THEY are wrng. This is my last attempt to join the conversation...

John said...

The powers that be who control blogs in the great beyond seem to think that my name and password are wrong. THEY are wrng. This is my last attempt to join the conversation...

John said...

And it's a healing miracle! "They" let me in!

Grandmère Mimi said...

John, LOL. Hallelujah! Praise the lord! You're in the Kingdom of Padre Mickey's Dance Party, and you can visit and speak at lots and lots of other exciting places!

I See You!

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