Sunday, November 04, 2007


We are in the midst of the Patriotic Holidays here in Panamá. Today is Flag Day, and the majority of our youth were out marching, as were some of our adults (Padre, I won't be at service Sunday morning as I will be marching with the Lions). Here is a photo of children marching with flags from last year. The photographer is Eric Jackson. He has lots of photos of lots of parades over at The Panama News. Eric is a member of our extended family.

I read that, due to the implementation of the Patriot Act, the new flag in the U.S.A. will look like this:

Okay! We also celebrated All Saints Sunday this morning at Parroquia Episcopal San Cristóbal. Three little girls were baptized and welcomed to the Family of God.
Kehimy, Génesis Tamara, and Valerie were baptized this morning.

Kehimy is a big girl! Little Génesis Tamara is sleeping.

Little Valerie sleeps while Padre shows los Padrinos the correct page.

Here is Génesis Tamara being baptized. Ricardo Staples in the background, looking like he's ready to jump in if needed!

The Choir sings the anthem: "Baptize Us Anew"

I decided to join Ricardo Staple and organist Reynaldo Taylor during the final Communion hymn "Glory, Glory, Hallelujah! Since I Laid My Burden Down." Ricky and I really drove dat riddum and some people got excited, including members of the choir, and started dancing in their seats. Here is some photographic proof.

Here is a picture of Tulio and Darla, and their darling children Tulio, Monique, and baby Génesis Tamara.

We only had one service this morning as I have learned from past experience that the youth will all be out marching. The Lovely Mona and I looked forward to getting home early for once, but It Was Not To Be. As the Lovely Mona drove us down the street and started to turn left from Calle Decima onto Calle Once, we were hit by a van (on the driver's side). The force of the collision sent us flying down the street and we only stopped when I pulled on the parking brake. We are both fine, but the car is bang up again! We were hit by the Municipio Rescate or Municipal Rescue group. The driver claimed he was honking at us as he tried to pass us (on a turn!?!) but we never heard a horn or siren or anything (and we weren't listening to Cheap Teenaged Music at high volume). He didn't have his lights flashing, either. We waited only two hours for the Transito to show up (that's really good, especially for a holiday. I know people who have waited eight hours for the Transito to appear!). Mona has a court appointment for November 20, which is pretty soon, too. I guess it helps to be hit by a Government vehicle. Most of the neighborhood were witnesses and vouched for us and said that they hadn't heard any horn or siren either. The guy who hit us asked me if I was a priest, and after I answered in the affirmative, he said "I've never hit a priest's car before." I'm wondering how many different cars he HAS hit! So, the Lovely Mona and I will be taking taxis for a while until the court date and our insurance company settles with us.

What a day!

Ow! Our car.

The Other Guy

The Accident Scene


Aghaveagh said...

Oh, my! I am so thankful you and the lovely Mona were not injured!

I was expecting you to say something like you got caught in parade traffic..not an accident!!

So glad you are ok. And thanks for the lovely pictures. Your church is such a happening place.

Take care. Sorry about the car.

Dennis said...

this doesn't look like pictures of california!

Caminante said...

Oh crap. I hope you don't feel the accident tomorrow. If you do, be gentle -- hope you can find a less smelly creme than Bengay if you're stiff (says she who in 1986 rear-ended someone whose directional light was off even though they were turning left and it was dusk and ended up with whiplash which didn't start to manifest itself until the day after as I was riding on a school bus to NYC to the Cloisters with my high school French class I was teaching). And ouch for the car.

I will vouch for how that early service rocks. The contrast between it being a high mass with smoke and the rest and good old time gospel music is a blast.

Cuando sales por CA?

Anonymous said...

Doubletrouble. How could this be? After Church this A.M. my amigo Carlito and I went for fancybrunch...we ate wonderful stuff (and ate it all twice) then lumbered out to the car that was parked a block ambulence roared off as we approached MY CAR that had been rearended by another car that swurved out of control to avoid a moto and SLAMMED INTO the not-in-residence me! I saw, with the crowd, my bumper was a mess and the "slammer/bumper" driver had gone off to the hospital and left his car running with the music blaring...the police weren't there yet...we quietly got into my car and drove off into the non-sunset and nobody noticed. Why you pida? Because, the police would have hauled ME off to the station because my CAR was IN THE ACCIDENT!

Go figure. Dented bumpers mean zip...let's hope and pray the driver is ok (but the "perps" most always ask to be taken to the hospital or DISAPPEAR entirely because they know they will be hauled to jail if they don't claim being "wronged" and/or injured).

Double dents all around (and we'd all been acting real "good" and just been to Church too).

What a bang-up Sunday (and there wasn't a drummer in sight)!

Imogene Chivo-Dangerfield

Matty Boy said...

Ay, Padre! Glad to hear you all is okay.

Cars! They are crazy! I don't own one right now, able to get around on the bike an dan foot and using the public transit, lucky me!

See you in California next week, though I must tell you we is hip deep in cars, as you likely already know.

susan s. said...

Oh, Mike. What a most unperfect ending to a perfect day! But you are ok. Hope you took some aspirins to ward off stiff neck etc. that might hit you in the middle of the night. Which it is even here!

Now them is cute bebes. I cannot make accent marks because I am too dumb. Some day I must get lessons in this stuff. I wish I could see you when you come. I just know that you will be in Berkeley for part of the time. I guess I should send email, huh?

Grandmère Mimi said...

Padre! You and cars just don't get on! I'm so thankful that you and the Lovely Mona and the other driver were not hurt.

Your congregation and services rock.

What a lovely family of the sweet bèbè.

I See You!

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