Monday, November 19, 2007

Monday Evening Granchile Blogging

Photo by Chris Mobley

Miss Evie with Abuelo. She was smiling 'cuz I just gave her a crocodillo with "Panamá" across its chest.
Also 'cuz I'm nice and her granpa.


Paul said...

That is just a wonderful photo. Great mutual delight of the sort for which God created us. May it inspire us all to enjoy each other.

Givin' tanks for da joy your photos bring us, Padre.

susan s. said...

Great Picture! Love to see you smile!

Matty Boy said...

Miss Evelyn is a lovely and even tempered young chile, especially when she is dealing with a Big Person who clearly understands the concept of "Gibita Me!"

FranIAm said...

This photo is pure joy and as Paul says above- great mutual delight.

There is a great statue of Mary and the "chile" Jesus in St. Lorenz church in Nuremberg Germany, with the biggest smiles and this same mutual delight. It is what sprung to mind when I saw this photo.

So is this the first time someone has compared you to the BVM?

In all seriousness, how happy you all must have been to enjoy this time together. And you look pretty good in your padre get up man! Miss Evie looks good no matter what!

Mary Sue said...

You two are just absolutely adorable.

eileen said...

Awwwww...I'm melting. This makes up for that ugly W.I.F.E. incident, Padre.

Good thing that chile is cute, and you have demonstrated the understanding of "Gibita Me", as Matty says.

Mary Clara said...

Great foto. Honors for cuteness are evenly divided.

johnieb said...

I love being a granpa!

Jane R said...

Bee-yootiful! What a great photo.

Grandpas are the best. I didn't know mine for long, but I think one of the most wonderful things for a little girl is to have a loving grandfather. I still remember mine often and draw on his memory. I can still hear his voice in my head. It brings me a lot of joy and strength. Miss Evie is a lucky and blessed girl and you, Padre, are a lucky and blessed Abuelo. Thanks for sharing the great picture.

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