Thursday, November 01, 2007

Thursday Miss Bebé, the Worlds Cutest Granchile™ Blogging

All Saints Day, or actually, Day after Hallowe'en Edition

I am a princess!! Wit a blue punkin'! Who eber seed a blue punkin'?
Trick or Treat? If dat's candy, I say Gibita me!!


Mary Sue said...

I feel the overwhelming urge to mail candy to Berkeley.

Matty Boy said...

What's wrong with the baybee hobbittsez costume? Is there some sort of Ren Fair rule of "not on Halloween" or sumthin'?

Way too cute, in either costume.

Grandmère Mimi said...

I need a priest. I'm dying from overexposure to cute.

How adorable. I'm getting compliment-challenged. Miss Bébé has the prettiest smile.

Jane R said...

The pink sneakers! I loves me those pink sneakers! Talk about head to toe adorable.

susan s. said...

She's the Pink Pwincess! Gibiter me!

susan s. said...

Uh, I can't spell.
Giberta me!


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