Thursday, December 24, 2009

Stuff I Saw. . .

. . . on my way in to the office this morning.

Street fruit stand

The representante for Río Abajó has these banners up along Via España, on the Río Abajó side of the street. I find the snowman to be a bit odd, seeing as it never snows here but I guess everyone learned that Navidad is all about snow when the U.S. was here in the former Canal Zone.

Snowmen and santa! I don't know what these buildings are for; they were constructed last month but nothing's been happening with them. I guess they're just something to put Christmas decorations on.

Another fruit stand

A house on calle decima

One more fruit stand

I likes this lil' guy


susan s. said...

Nice Fruit! The pears look ready to eat!

David |Dah • veed| said...

Maybe those are three new homes for the lucky winners of the Christmas Lottery!

I am making a fruit salad for tomorrow with much of that same fruit.

I see my bank over the snowman's should.

¡Feliz Nochebuena a todos!

I See You!

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