Friday, April 18, 2008


Ayers Photo: David Handschuh--Associated Press
In the so-called "debate" the other night, a question was asked about Obama's acquaintance with Bill Ayers, a former member of the Weather Underground. Ayers went underground for ten years back in the late 1960's after a bomb he and other members of the Weather Underground were working on accidentally exploded, killing three members of the group. He eventually turned himself in to the police and has spent the past thirty years as a college professor, working on school reform and juvenile justice issues. These are good things.

Nowadays the Weather Underground are remembered as terrorists. Now, I didn't agree with their idea of violent revolution, but I did sympathize with their desire to end the war and get rid of the corrupt political establishment. Some thirty years later we are back to an immoral war and a corrupt political establishment, a political establishment run by people who avoided military service during the Vietnam war, but now send other people's children to die in Iraq. And the useful idiots of this corrupt political establishment, the Hannitys and the entire Right Wing Echo Chamber are upset that Obama and Ayers have an acquaintance and served on the board of the Woods Group, an anti-poverty group (NO! NOT AN ANTI-POVERTY GROUP!!! THAT IS HORRIBLE!!).

Harry Whittington of Austin, Texas, is an acquaintance of Dick Cheney. Dick Cheney's policies have killed many many many many more people than any Weather Underground bomb did (WU bomb = 3 people; DC's Iraq policy = 600,000+). Obama and Ayers voted on scholarships for students, Cheney shot Whittington in the face.

With whom would you rather be acquainted: Ayers or Cheney?

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FranIAm said...

Put your hands in the Ayers like you just don't cay-ers.

Sorry, I could not resist that one. Forgive me father, for I have punned. And sinned.

Seriously. This is so effed up... I like that Obama had to remind them that he was like 8 at the time of the Weather Underground.

Every time I read the news lately or hear it, I feel like I just got shot in the face.

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