Wednesday, April 02, 2008

The King of America (And It's Not Elvis!)

Yesterday we had fun, today we get serious. While the pundits on T.V. and the goofballs on Talkradio and the grumpy "reasserters" over at Kendall's place go on and on about Pastor Wright and demanding that Barak Obama disown the man, THIS PERSON has been throwing bundles of money at the Republican Party for years, owns the terrible Washington Times, and has several members of the Bush family in his employ. Go to Ornicus and watch this video. It's about eighteen minutes long but well worth watching. I tried to post it here but the player wouldn't fit. Padre says, "Check it out!"


Paul said...

Thanks for putting this important note up. People really need to know about this guy.

I had some Mongolian Moonies hit me up for money (for an orphanage) here in Albuquerque a week ago yesterday.

Doorman-Priest said...

I find this all very disturbing.

If your voting public is as politically illeterate as ours....God help us all!

Lapinbizarre said...

I'd already seen it and it's a fine video. The Moonie coronation was a few years back, wasn't it? I remember that a number of high level Capitol Hill Republicans were involved. Proves once again that a wackjob can do no wrong, just so that they're a filthy-rich, right wing wackjob.

Paul said...

I saw a video of the coronation--in a congressional office building!--shortly after it happened. And had not heard a peep about it since.

When a pastor in Oakland, I also got mailings asking our church to join in rallies for peace led by Mrs. Moon. I am sure some clergy got snookered into this vileness. (It all sounds so noble, after all.)

And I read articles about churches removing their crosses because Moon convinced them to.

One would think his claim to be the messiah would quite suffice to put churches on alert. ¡Dios mío!

pj said...

Erm. I'm not sure I can stomach the video. But regarding the cartoon, GWB is in no way cool enough to dream about Sponge Bob.

I love Sponge Bob.

Anonymous said...

The drama, the glitz, the tin, the cheapness of it all, but the best part is the announcement The Washington Times has lost over 3 billion dollars over their time doing business...what'a business they've got no wonder the Loonie Moonies are begg'n in New's kinda like their buddies over at the White Houselandia, they've lost billions of dollars in the same fake ministry/quack quack of a racket while lecturing about what other people may do with their private parts!

Very tasteless creeps, all...I'll go along with "vile."

Reddi Killiwatt-Luz

Matty Boy said...

Just as the tobacco industry is the template for how businesses can lie effectively, Moon is the template for how to spend disgusting amounts of cash to create right-wing propaganda. The scary thing about the Moonies is how many pies they have their corrupt little fingers in, and how little the laws of any country mean to them. I guess they follow a higher law, so anything goes, right?

I read somewhere that they have a huge percentage of the market of fish used in sushi. Personally, I consider sushi "live bait" and therefore refuse to eat it, but those of you who do might consider where your money is going.

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