Monday, April 21, 2008

This Weekend At la Catedral de San Lucas

This weekend the congregation at la Catedral de San Lucas hosted a visit by the Rev. Canon Stephen Huber, Vicar of the National Cathedral in Washington, D.C. He led a workshop on Congregational Development on Saturday, followed by a meeting with the clergy of the Diocese of Panamá on the subject of Liturgy As A Means of Evangelism. He was the preacher Sunday at Evensong at the Cathedral. It was great to meet him and talk with him. Here are some photos of the weekend.

Canon Huber leads the workshop


It was my birthday so the clergy of the Diocese presented me with a cake

Evensong at the Cathedral

Before the service


Censing the Altar

Padre Mickey chants the Apostles' Creed, Padre Nuestro, and the Sufferages (and Padre Nelson spots the paparazzi)

The Rev. Canon Huber preaches

The Peace

The Cathedral Choir

A presentation


The spread at the reception

Marva Nugent and friend

Alberto Buddle and Lupita Lenan

Adica Moore and Constance Blackman

Jo Ellen Nutter and Tía Sue

Padre, Canon Steve, and Ms. Sarah Simpson, Senior Warden of the Cathedral congregation

Bishop Julio Murray and Sarah Simpson


Jane R said...

Oh geez, we know all the same people. I knew Canon Huber when he was Nice Young (Roman) Catholic Man Steve. If he's still in town tell him I send a big hug. And great photos as always. Padre, you looks very official and snazzy. And Mr. Buddle is very handsome. Just sayin'.

And Mrs. Moore looks elegant in her blue hat.

Paul said...

Padrecito, ya looks almost propah and ever'thing, standin' dere all tippeted an' stuff and singin' all pious like. Most impressive. Cleanin' up yer act for this new year since the birthday?

Tanks for da pics! Wonderful, as always.

David |däˈvēd| said...

Is it me, or does something look different about Revdsmo Murray?

I See You!

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