Friday, April 18, 2008

Friday Random Top Ten

Ya pushes "shuffle" and ya takes yer chances. . .

1. Dog Eat Dog Adam and the Ants
2. That Boy Of Mine The Sherrys
3. Good Times, Bad Times Led Zeppelin
4. Gator Song A Cruel Hoax
5. Menuett I & II (J.S. Bach) Amsterdam Baroque Orchestra
6. He Will Take The Pain Away Kirk Franklin and God's Property
7. How I Got Over Clara Ward & The Ward Singers
8. Desamé Entrar Maná
9. The Electrocutioner The Residents
10. The Accountant The Social Club

Well, I was worried when it started with Adam and the Ants but Señor Shuffle made up for that with The Sherrys. The Led Zeppelin song is from the only decent album that band made. I've never understood why each successive album was worse than the one before; what was wrong with those boys?
A Cruel Hoax is my band and the Gator Song is one of my songs. It's about voodoo and people turning into gators, and the Lovely Duvalier family of Haiti; you know, your usual song topics. It seems that Señor Shuffle suddenly got religion. Clara Ward is great, but I'm not always in the mood for Kirk Franklin. Have you noticed he never sings; he only prompts the choir with the next line! Our Friend the Shuffle made up for that with Maná, a great band from Mexico. You have to hear The Electrocutioner to believe it; it's got Snakefinger on lead guitar and Ruby of Rick and Ruby singing! Ah, early 1970's San Francisco! All we need are The Tubes! The Accountant is one of the contributions The Social Club contributed to the San Jose Is Ground Zero: We're Number One! album. It was a compilation of San Jose bands, including A Cruel Hoax, The Frontier Wives, and The Kingpins. None of us could afford to record an album so we put this one out together. Another great footnote in San Jose Rock 'n Roll history!!
Another strange list. Sometimes I wish I had that service Madpriest uses, but I'm too cheap to spend any money on this blog.

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FranIAm said...

Hah - I have that service, but I went with the cheapest version and I used up my bandwidth already I think! I just started and only used it once so far.

Interesting Random 10. I only have one A Cruel Hoax song in my iTunes, Around The World.

You know me - I gots con-nex-ciones with big shots in the Bay Area. I got it as a bonus track when I purchased a certain CD.

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