Friday, April 25, 2008

Friday Random Top Ten With Bonus Eleven!

Ya pushes "shuffle" and ya takes yer chances. . .

1. Icky Thump White Stripes
2. Hymn: Jesu Corona Virginum (Hildegard von Bingen) Anonymous 4
3. Broken Flag Patti Smith Group
4. Heroine (Theme from 'Captive') Sinéad O'Conner
5. Baggy Trousers Madness
6. Jackpot The Beat
7. Farmer John Neil Young & Crazy Horse
8. Every Everything Hüsker Dü
9. Stand OnYour Own Head They Might Be Giants
10. Soma The Strokes

All over the place, as usual, but who cares when you've got Super Groovy Bonus Track 11? Gidget Goes To Hell Suburban Lawns

Ya can't beat Super Groovy Bonus Track 11! And we're going on vacation, to the beach, so it's the Most Appropriate Song Right Now!!! Here are the lyrics
(well, most of them, at least):

Gidget dips her hand
In her Daddy's pocket
Silver keys
Shiny red sports car
Speed shift baby
She's not going to school
Surfers rule!

Oh, oh Gidget goes to hell

Gidget shakes her ass good
As she strolls across the beach
She's so good yea
At chasing all the boys
Hopes are rising
While their chances are falling

Oh Gidget goes to Hell
Oh oh oh oh oh (etc.)
Gidget goes to hell

She's the center of attention
As she runs into the waves
Paddles outside
Waiting for the big one
Bigger than she knows
Flashing white g strap
Bloody bikini

Oh Gidget goes to Hell
Oh oh oh oh oh (etc.)
Gidget goes to hell

Here's their other hit Janitor (with one of the best choruses evah!!!!)

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