Friday, April 04, 2008

Tonight, On A Very Boring Red Mr. Peanut Bank and Gallito Mescalito Blogging...

When I started this feature it was very easy; I would simply take a few shots of Red Mr. Peanut Bank and Gallito Mescalito in strange places about the house or garden or office or church or neighborhood. Somewhere along the line dialogue was introduced, and then stories, and then EPIC SAGAS. Well, dang, it's hard to keep that kinda stuff up, especially for free. At least people who write for television or whatever get paid. I do it for love and because, as Matty Boy and anyone else who ever shared a stage with me knows, I pander to the audience.

You've all noticed the quality of this Friday Feature slowly disintegrating over the past few weeks; I've been so uninspired that I have been just a step above elephant jokes. I think I may have even stooped to "knock-knock" jokes.

Today I had a funeral for the husband of a women we buried ten weeks ago. Plus, I've been thinking about the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. today, and I'm just not feeling very funny (yes, I realize some will say "You're never very funny!"). However, as a chronic panderer, I simply can't ignore Friday Red Mr. Peanut Bank and Gallito Mescalito Blogging, so tonight we Go Behind The Scenes. Where does the cast hang out during the week? Well, the Top Stars hang out in my Study, whilst the Second String hang out in the Family Room with the Entertainment Equipment. And, of course, four of our stars are Real Live Doggy Toys, and thus, live on the floor throughout the house. I wanted to take photos of the cast in their resting places. Señorita Chompita Wiggletail is actually quite possessive of the Doggy Toys, and when she sees me wandering about the house on Fridays, looking for the cat, the gorilla, the bull, and Bunrab, the Filthiest Toy in the House, she tries to beat me to them and gather them together on her chair, where she exhibits her property rights by gnawing on them.

Maybe I'll be inspired next week.

The A Group lives on the book shelf

An Arty Shot of our Heroes and Stars of the Show: Gallito Mescalito and Red Mr. Peanut Bank

The Beautiful Miss Egyptian Hippo of Love

¡El Penguino! (who lives in a toy Beer Stein) and the Mighty Moose of Vermont

Super Cool Arty Group Shot

The Second String

The Guatemalen Apocalyptic Angel of Doom

Arty Shoot of Diablito Sucio

Los Gamelos Panameños

Mr. Chompita's Chewed-up Squeaky Kitty Toy

¡El Toro!

Bunrab, the Filthiest Toy in the House

Squeaky Gorilla

Señorita Chompita Wiggletail with Mr. Chompita's Chewed-up Squeaky Kitty Toy and Bunrab, the Filthiest Toy in the House, being gnawed upon on Chompy's Chair

Chompy and the Cat

Are you still awake? Happy Friday! Feel free to write your own captions.


Anonymous said...

Harketh througout the Pueblo, could that be, yes, it could, sometime's coming, and it ain't all that's the, wonderous, one-of-a-kind, always on key...

The Guatemalen Apocalyptic Angel of Doom

Let's hear it folks for the Guatemalan Apocalyptic Angel of Doom! What more does one need to cast gloom on their Sacatapequez weekend that Apocalptic Angels, via Panama, do'n their gloom'n?

Thanks Padre, mil gracias, for throwing a wet poncho all over Central America...true, you've been extra bright and extra shiney these last Fridays BUT that is no excuse for cutt'n corners on US, your devoted, and beloved, audience! Well, O.K...take a break, take two, rejuv, has some noodles and fresh'n up...we love you (even though you apparently don't love us as much as you once did), we're here for you, we are with you in spirit (and some of us without "spirits") a good Padre and give my love to the cast (I actually do have feelings for toys, rocks and shower curtains),

Hasta la vista,

Irving Tenderloin Twinpeak-Tascadero

P.S. Paul, What retirement home? Perhaps a little something near "Nob Hill" or "The Marina" or are we talk'n strickly South of the Border(s)? I'm easy (private room/bath would be nice, sign me up...I'll be ready when it is).

Aghaveagh said...

God love ye, Padre!

I feel your weltschmerz and raise you three. Sometimes, we gets chomped, sometimes we does the chompin.

We Bunrabs, mourning and weeping in this vale of tears, do the best we can do.

Quote of the day: (conversation in the chinese take-out, waiting for the orders)

Me: "Yeah, Martin Luther King died on this day.."

Fellow customer: "Wow, I didn't even know he was sick..."

I kid you not.

susan s. said...

Hey, Padre. You deserve a break. Perhaps a Sabbatical from the friday blog. I must say, however, thank you for the pictures of all the members of the cast. I appreciate that you turned the little Beer Mug upside down so that El Penguino has a clear view of his view!

Matty Boy said...

While he doesn't get much screen time, I think of El Diablo Sucio as a star of the blog, much as Miss Egyptian Hippo of Love broke out of the chorus to become an audience favorite.

FranIAm said...

I love how Matty sees the nuance in the characters.

As for me- it is always about Bunrab.

Padre- honestly I stand in awe of your weekly offerings here and this feature is what first captured my eye, when I was a baby blogger back in June or July or whenever I "met" you.

The fact that you can do this with any consistency leaves me awed.

I say it may be time for either - as Susan S. suggests, a sabbatical or at the very least, a retreat. I say go Ignatian... 18th annotation or something like that. (yeah, right)

As for what Friday was, it was a heavy heart day. And while I did not write those words in my post, they were exactly the words that my music teacher used when speaking of RFK on 4/5. I had never consciously noticed that expression before; I have not forgotten it since.

Also, I think you have the address, maybe you can stop by my other blog and see what April 4 generated over there, but not posted til April 5.

Pax Padre.

Kirstin said...

God rested; you can too. You give more than you realize. Thank you for that.

Caminante said...

You'll notice that I didn't even post anything about MLK Jr because there really weren't words.

Prayers for the person at whose burial you presided.

Cuidate. Es me importa mas que estas chistes aunque me gusten.

Dennis said...

our three kids love the "Fat Cats" stuffed dog toys. Jackson is particularly fond of the gator so we've wound up buying him a number of them as the stuffing gets pulled out or they get lost.

Jane R said...

What Caminante said.

You can always say that the critters are on silent retreat.

Paul said...

Whether it's a vacation, a sabbatical, el décimo of General Torrijos, or just a little "down time," we're all entitled. I feel the pressure of digging up obscure princes when Friday rolls around and I'm not stage-managing a herd of talented divas. So though I look forward the late-night Friday fun and follies, I cannot say I expect Cecil B. DeMille week after week.

So, glad y'all took a little break. You deserve one.

Additionally, a friend of mine chatted with someone she knows who said that Pluto has been in retrograde and thus all manner of bad stuff is hanging in the air and lots of folks have felt down lately. As good an explanation as any; most of the folks I know, self included, have had the blues for the last week or so.

May we all recharge and be ready to rock the house by Pentecost!

Naps for all, now.

Paul said...

PS: Irving T T-T, I had not even though so far as where, just through that if the cash starts rolling in, putting a little aside for a nice retirement home for the good Padre, the Lovely Mona, and the Dance Party Cast and Crew would be good. (And adherents of the One True etc. might hope to visit, of course.) Nob Hill in the City (SF) seems much too hectic for my blood, though the Nob Hill neighborhood in Albuquerque is near the University, is reasonably quiet, yet has lots of shops and restuarants nearby.

My personal vote would be south of the border. Much better value for your falling dollar.

Grandmère Mimi said...

I gets weary of da bloggin' ting, too Padre. Sometimes I'm sick a tryin', and I ain't even tryin' to be creative or funny.

Take a little rest. But not too long. We'll miss the gang, but we can come look at the pitchas, when we gets ta feelin' lonely.

Anonymous said...

Heck, Pablo, I thought we we're talking a "retirement home" for large, yet tasteful, group of Episcopalian oldees...I didn't realize you we're speaking about a private retirement home for The Lovelies...I wouldn't dream of trying to wedge my way into such serene setting...I'll need to be with a band of progresivos como yo that raise small amounts on ongoing hell!

Tomas (tomo mas), Irvings hermano.

Kirkepiscatoid said...

Now that I've seen the digs of the cast, perhaps an episode of Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous is in order?

I was kind of surprised that the luscious Miss Egyptian Hippo of Love lives in such Spartan digs, I was expecting something a little more posh!

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