Thursday, April 17, 2008

Don't Vote For Me!!!

Actual photo of a Highly Respected ABC News Source

I've been reading about last night's debate, and the stupid-ass not very intelligent questions asked by two screaming U.S. media a**holes well respected members of the Fourth Estate. From what I understand, Charlie and George, the Moron Twins Mr. Gibson and Mr. Stephanopoulos didn't even get into any substance until 45 minutes in the "debate." However, David Brooks that idiot Bobo thought the questions were "excellent" and gave ABC an "A"! I understand that the moderators so-called (Misters Gibson and Stephanopoulous) actually argued with the candidates! I hear that the crowd was booing Gibson towards the end, which is a good sign, but I would be much happier if I had read that they had stormed the "moderator's table" with torches, tar, and feathers.

Thank God I'm not running for president! The list of Terrible Wrongs Which Embolden the Terrorists of which I am guilty are numerous:
I don't wear a flag-pin on my lapel.
A dear member of my extended family is a former member of the Weather Underground.
I have denounced the war in Iraq from the pulpit.
I have been known to denounce the actions of the governments of Panamá, Colombia, the U.S.A., the People's Republic of China, Great Britain, Israel, Egypt, and Chile publicly.
I think that the Reverend Wright makes sense.
I hate apple pie.
I'm rude to my mother.
I still own a copy of The Thoughts of Chairman Mao.
I tried to get Matty Boy to join the International Communist Conspiracy.
Before I became a priest I encouraged others to read pornography by the light of burning American flags.

Okay, the last two aren't true, I was just going for a funny post. But really, what the heck is going on in the U.S.A.? Ya'll needs ta smack dem "reporters" and "pundits" around a bit. Come to think of it, most of this will also prevent me from ever being elected bishop anywhere, Gracias a Dios!

In other news, I checked Canon Harmon's blog to see what the erudite commentators there had to say about the debate, but it appears that the Bishop of Rome is in the U.S. and five out of six posts there are about said Bishop's visit, and the comments are along the lines of What A Great And Holy Man Bishop Of Rome Is, Especially When Compared To That Awful Woman, so I wouldn't advise any visits to THAT place.

Thanks! My rant is done and I feel much better! We now return you to our regular programming, already in progress.


David |däˈvēd| said...

I fear that over the next few months that the electoral shenanigans of the process in your homeland will get the acid riled in your stomach a few more times at least.

When I read your last two confessions in your list, I was unfazed, I just thought to myself how far that you have come since the days prior to entering the priesthood!

Paul said...

¡Predícalo!, Padre.

I like the tar and feathers suggestion. Major public humiliation from which they could never recover without causing organ failure or death. You have helped me moderate some of my more violent feelings. I still want the Hague for the entire White House coterie, but tar and feathers for the press seems spot on!

FranIAm said...

The debate debacle on ABC... I did not see it due to a family vacation.

I do know that my friend who was a news executive (she was jettisoned) said it was the worst thing she has ever, ever seen.

Tar, feathers- step right up.

Soy triste.

susan s. said...

Did you see Mimi's take on this? She's considerin' gris gris!

johnieb said...

I am surprised anyone is only now outraged; the trivial manipulation of myth and image as a major factor in poltical campaigns is as American as violence, to paraphrase Rap Brown. The Republican party has depended on little else since FDR's second term, though it only began to pay off for them in '46.

Smothering yer opponents in shit has been the mainstay in U S Politics since Reagen. Both Clintons have been smeared, sometimes because they actually did do the crime, to be sure, but often for trivial crimes, since the Eighties.

The only shock, after two Cheney/ Rove terms, is that people are surprised that Dims are doing it, too, and the press is Jerry Springer. Murdoch rulez!


Why, yes, I do have my own blog to do this on; why do you ask?

Jane R said...

Well, tonight I watched Jon Stewart AND Stephen Colbert, and they did a job on the debates, the journalists, and the whole miserable road show including the lapel pin lady. And Colbert had all the Democratic candidates on AND John Edwards! It was a howl. And yes, even Clinton was funny. Obama was on via big screen but everyone else was in the studio.

Both Stewart and Colbert called it, let me tell you.

So I howled and guffawed and felt much better.

Then I was beset with morose thoughts about the fact that "normal" journalism is such a joke these days and that one has to go to the comedy channel to get sesible media criticism and political insight.

Though isn't that what court jesters did back in the day?

Thanks for the rant, Padre Mickey.

Matty Boy said...

Wait a sec... you DIDN'T try to get me too join the Commies?

Why did I attend all those meetings?

David |däˈvēd| said...

Stupid Matty Boy, those were g*d damned Amway meetings!

Commies do not sell soap!!

Paul said...

johnieb, you're right. It's been going on for a long time. I keep trying to hope (though it's not easy) that people are beginning to wake up to it. Outrage is better late than never (though it may come too late).

Amway, DAA? That's child abuse! Bad Padre!

The Lovely Wife said...

Hmmm... blog ranting to make sure you are never elected bishop... wonder if RevRef knows about this.

Mary Clara said...

Padre Mickey for Preznit. Then, the trials.

johnieb said...

Wit you and me as da judges! Heh.

Jane R said...

Maybe ranting will increase his chances of being elected bishop ;-).

Matty Boy said...

I am a better 'splainer than predictor, but here is the first decree that will be issued by The Right Reverend Bishop Mickey.

From this day forward, all Anglicans will change their underwear three times a day. And they will wear them on the outside, so we can check!

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