Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Last Night At Janet Levi's

We had our family Seder at Janet Levi's last night. No guests this year, just the Maduros, the Levis, and the Dresbachs. It was very nice. David Levi came once dinner started and Edwin, Emily's husband, arrived not long after David; he was late at the hospital (Emily, Edwin, and Essie are all doctors!). While we didn't exactly use the Two Minute Haggadah (but we did read it for laughs) we didn't read every psalm or Rabbinical commentary, either, which meant we got to dinner at a decent hour for once. It was a very nice, low-key evening.

Here are photos:

The Table

Folks at the table (from left to right: Essie, Martha May, Emily, Carlos, Janet, and the Lovely Mona; David and Edwin hadn't arrived yet).

Janet is an artist and here are some examples of her art

David is an artist, too. He makes furniture. Here are some of his chairs.


Jane R said...

Maya Pavlova loves the cats and says "If Jane ever goes to Panama to volunteer with Padre Mickey for a few days, can she buy me one of those Panamanian kitties?"

Lovely table! And sounds like a fine evening. Chag Sameach to all.

FranIAm said...

Add FranIam to that volunteer idea, cat included!!

Sounds wonderful.

Anonymous said...

oh, but the chairs...the bottom three chairs are fab-o...me likes the center one bastante and perhaps the otras aren't quite finished...very nice ideas (and saleable too).


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