Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Beware The Elitists!!!


pj said...

Oh sure. You think just because you posted this I won't smoke you out as the elitist you so obviussly are? Only an elittist would post something like this, because only an elitiest would even know how to do it. Well I know what you are, Padre Mickey!! In fact, I have reeson to beleive you dont even live in the U.S. of A.

Bewear the rath of the Applebee Salad Society (ASS), Padre Mickey!

We're coming to git you.

(Yikes. I think I just scared myself.)

Jane R said...

I just HOWLED when I saw this the other night.

Anonymous said...

May I please have another round of zesty Pina de Philippina? I'm addictive you know...but, hark, I only tenderize meat with a baseball bat...there is a glimpper of hope as mi lights the end of de not-so-elittista tunel!

Oh, valued simplicity once was only the name of a really good dress pattern company.

Pass the Hog broth por favor.

Dalio Jenningslurp Santiago
First Amongst Lesser Equals

johnieb said...

Yew makin' of hog broth, yew better stay nonomus!

I venture to guess it may be even funnier if you regularly sat through educational films in the Fifties.

johnieb said...

oops: "fun of hog broth"

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