Sunday, June 29, 2008

Padre Mickey's Comment on the Message from Jerusalem

A GAFCON: The Musical! reprise with New Additions!

+The Pitts and +Jack the Spiker Nutin´s wrong with us! In fact, everything about us is RIGHT! And you know why that is? ‘Cuz:

Tune: Jesus Loves The Little Children

No one’s holier than we are
No one’s holier than we
Red, and Yellow, Black, and White
Unless you’re with us, you’re not right
No one in the Communion’s holier than we!

No one’s purer than we are
No one’s purer than we
You can’t meet with us, you see
‘Cuz you all have gay cooties
No one in the Communion’s holier than we!

Who's more Anglican than we are?
No one's more Anglican than we!
Four Councils, and Creeds: three
39 Articles, '62 BCP
No one in the Communion's more Anglican than we!

Entire GAFCON Participants That’s True! And that’s why. . .

Tune: Swanee (chorus)

Schism, how we love ya, how we love ya,
Our own big schism!
We’d give the world to see
No more of TEC, ACC and Cof E
Or those other folks who won’t obey
Our latest letter!
The folks up north will see us no more’
Cuz we’re all headed out the door!!!!

WAIT! We've had a change of heart!

Schism, we won't do it, we won't do it
That great big schism
We threat'ned to leave you all
But now we're gonna
Work within and take your churches
And we won't care what we hear from Lambeth or Rowan!
You folks up North can cry and raise a loud row
But GAFCON is the True Church™ now!



Jane R said...


Hmmmm. I think it's time for one of your One True, Really I Mean It [... etc] Church posts next Friday... Not that I'm pressuring you or anything after this double feature!

Leonardo Ricardo said...

Somehow you make things rightsized dear really have a knack for it!


johnieb said...

I don't remember any message from Jerusalem, except about some unwanted intruders, er, "guests".

Little else seems to have been said; therefore, a yawn and a raspberry are the appropriate response, which yer gang did very nicely indeed.

John said...

Padre, you've outdone yourself! Felicitaciones!

I See You!

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