Monday, June 23, 2008

Panama Project Stuff

Well, TECHNICALLY, the Panama Project ended last night, EXCEPT that Vivian Lam will be staying for another three weeks, and Dustin and Linda are both staying for a little tourism. Nonetheless, we had our End of the Project Dinner last night at Revda. Nancy Eswein's place in the former Fort Clayton (man, it was near impossible to find that place!). Wednesday Nancy, Walter, and I met-up with las seminaristas in Coronado and headed off to the Bishop Shirley Camp and Conference Center in Santa Clara for their debriefing. We reflected upon their experiences and help them adjust to using indoor plumbing and electricity once again, after their Very Rural Field Work experiences. We returned to Panama City on Friday. I brought them to the Best Place To Purchase Molas. Last night's dinner was fun. Walter's wife, Vilma, was there, as well as Padre Eladio and Revda. Carmen. Las seminaristas worked with Padre Eladio en Pueblo Nuevo, San Sebastián, and Laja Lisas, and Vivian will be working with Revda. Carmen en Colón for a couple of weeks.

As always, photographic proof, suitable for blackmailing purposes.

Dinner in Santa Clara at Las Veraneras (yeah, it's a little dark)

Nancy and Dustin

Vivian (with Linda on her way to the ranchito, all the way on the left of the frame)

Big honkin' piece of driftwood en playa Santa Clara

Pelicans on fishing boats en playa Santa Clara

At The Party

Padre Mickey, Dustin, and Padre Eladio in blurry conversation

Nancy and Vilma

Walter and Carmen

Vivian and Linda

Padre explains why he doesn't drink water (a joke he stole from W.C. Fields)

Vivian, Dustin, and Linda

With the Lovely Mona (and some sort of Divine Manifestation appearing above their heads, or, perhaps it's the lamp. . .)

The Panama Project 2008



Leonardo Ricardo said...

Very nice, I really like the smiling and all the gayity...see, that's where it originated, just a bunch of folks with a lot in common!

Thanks, Padre (and thanks for the lovely posting of my painting).

Jane R said...

Love the hoomins (hi, Nancy E!) but those pelicans are something!

Michael+ said...

Hooray for Panama Project, one of the best things one can do in seminary. God bless you, Walter and all them other folks for keeping it going!

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