Tuesday, June 10, 2008


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A Post In Which Padre Makes A Stink And Grumps About

I read the New York Times and the Washington Post on-line, as I don't have access to a daily news paper in English here (well, the Miami Herald is available, but have you ever read that thing? SHEESH!). I also get information from various Dirty F***ing Hippy and Lousy Stinkin' Commie Pinko blogs. I do not get info from right wing blogs, because, as a former DFH and eternal LSCP, I Don't Believe Anything They Say.

So, I haven't found anything about this on the NYT or WaPo sites. ¿Por qué? This is not news? Or is it some kinda "Ho-hum, of COURSE someone is planning to impeach the Worst President Evah!" thang?

On NPR this morning I heard the reporter say (and I paraphrase here; I really don't pay that much attention to NPR reporters since they started kissing the prez'nit's butt about six years ago): "George Bush doesn't think the Europeans are taking seriously the threat to world peace that is Iran." Well, I kinda remember (and since I wasn't in los Estados Unidos, drinking the water and waving flags and stuff) that he was convinced that the Europeans didn't take the threat of Iraq seriously enough way back when. Of course, the Europeans turned out to be correct while George W. Bush turned out to be WRONG WRONG WRONG WRONG, OH SO EFFIN' WRONG!! in regards to this matter, so I don't know why he thinks anyone should listen to him this time around. However, it seems that they are going along with him, since he will fall off soon have left the World Stage and will languish in caves of methane ice far beneath the Hague with Dick Cheney retire to Paraguay.

Now, I'm here in Panamá so I can't do this, but, seriously, those wankers lovely, God-fearing folks in the Bush Administration are rattling the sabers again and there are rumours that they will attack Iran before November. All of you folks in the U.S.A. must make it VERY CLEAR to the White House that you will not allow this to happen or there will be hell to pay. People here in Panamá tear the city up if the Powers That Be threaten to raise the bus fare from 25¢ to 35¢. Perhaps you could all make a little noise about this threat to world peace? Will ya? Ya think? Come on, you can do it; there's lots of you!! I'm counting on you.

Here endeth the rant.


Paul said...

Thanks for the encouraging words. I really don't understand why we aren't marching in the streets every weekend by the millions.

Because we are too afraid, to uninformed, to inattentive, too apathetic, or all of the above.

FranIAm said...

What Paul said. I think that every day, yet WTF am I doing? Oh yes I write, but what else?

Oh Padre, Padre.

Matty Boy said...

We filled the streets before the war with Iraq started, and some of the younger folks even tore things upp and made a stink, and our government is still not afraid of us.

Los Estados Unidos are under sedation, and I'm not sure what will wake us up.

David |däˈvēd| said...

This is how los Estadounidense leaders view the attempt, as per CNN;

"As they have previously, Democratic leaders staunchly oppose Kucinich's impeachment effort. They expect to table the resolution by referring it to the Judiciary Committee, where they expect it to die."

Padre, your fellow Californiano, Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, has emphatically stated that on her watch there will not be an impeachment. Bottom line, she is 3rd in line presidential succession, right? She does not want to be president, no matter how temporary or historic.

pj said...

But Kucinich got all of the Democratic Reps (and a few Rethugs!) to go along with him today, and at least this will now be In The Records, for what it's worth.

As for marching in the streets, I think it won't happen unless Bushy reinstates the draft. Which of course, he won't.

John said...

Meanwhile, here in Korea, 400,000 people marched Tuesday night to protest resuming the importation of American beef. The next day the entire cabinet offered to resign and the president sent a deputation to the US. The president's approval rating hasgone from 52% to 17% in five months, which has to be some sort of record.

Juan Carlos said...

Let's see...perhaps bush ought make another, less-whirlwinded tour of Latin America...maybe pop over to Caracas and set everyone straight? Naw, he's a chickensh*t and he's probably a little unnerved/queazy when thinking 'bout Equador and Bolivia too...surely Paraguay IS the solution...it worked wonders for Samosa and Stroessner and Greg Venables will be handy to do spiritual consultations/services (or simply split a quart of beer and some greasy fish and chips)...we've gotta keep this nasty dude occupied until after Christmas/New Years Eve.

Juan Carlos said...

BTW, I'm not the King of Spain.

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